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1 So funnily enough, there were dudes who tried to switch back and forth between Nazism and communism.

This would have seemed extremely plausible to them because both communisms and facisms are religions for theory obsessives who would not be 'university material' in an ideal world, but are heavily recruited by universities in the real world.  As students, but in the worst universities also as faculty.  Communisms and facisms are also cults of power, and have other major overlaps. 

This is pretty obvious when you can see how choice of magical thinking shapes behavior.  Magical thinking with that sort of emotional intensity is learned, pretty much. 

So this is pretty obviously a potential parallel to degaying people by conversion therapy.  Sexual preference is learned or brain damage, entropy does not seem to be very reversible, and sexual targeting disorders may also be co-morbid.

But, there are more flaws than simply the obvious with 'and we cannot unconvert them, so we need a vast all intrusive public-private partnership to keep them in check'. 

That being a) communists and facists are less able to destroy when they are diluted by Jews and Christians, but mostly actual Christians b) The Christians would conclude that they could evangelize the facists if they were first persuaded that the facists were a religion.  c) non-violent fighting has been going on for decades between the facists and communists pretending to be Christians, and the actual Christians. 

People like Masnick are very likely to be get along power followers.  The moment conservative politics seems ascendent again, they will try to pivot to leadership and influence among conservatives.  They will bring their old bad ideas with them, the ones that accumulated during their practice of seeking to be on good terms with power. 

Posted by: PatBuckman at Friday, January 26 2024 02:44 AM (r9O5h)

2 Harvard Among Us Online cancer researchers are facing allegations of scientific fraud across 57 research papers, leading to retractions and corrections by the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Posted by: Online at Wednesday, April 17 2024 12:16 PM (XJA3c)

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