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Daily News Stuff 30 February 2023

Oops Edition

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  • Fixed the blog formatting.  Didn't finish work until after midnight yesterday, so I didn't notice.

  • AMD's new 7950X3D can deliver up to four times the gaming performance of the regular 7950X...  When using the integrated graphics.  (WCCFTech)

    Which is weird, but more importantly highlights the fact that the integrated graphics on AMD's desktop CPUs provide only one sixth the performance of their laptop chips.  That means they're slower than the integrated graphics on Intel's desktop chips, and you shouldn't buy one expecting to be able to play games without a separate graphics card.

    Actually, something about those benchmark numbers doesn't add up; the scores on the regular AMD chips are too low; they should be much closer to the Intel scores.

Tech News

Disclaimer: Once you start looking, there's no end of cargo cults out there.

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