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Daily News Stuff 31 July 2023

Sam The Many-Coloured Edition

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  • Sam Altman-Fried, CEO of OpenAI (corporate motto: In a world of Saurons, be a Saruman), has run into a snag with his new venture, Worldcoin: It is a transparent totalitarian takeover and existing governments don't appreciate anyone muscling in on their turf. (Tech Crunch)
    Worldcoin, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s bid to sew up the market for verifying humanness by convincing enough mobile meatsacks to have their eyeballs scanned in exchanged for crypto tokens (yes, really), only started its official global rollout this week but it’s already landed on the radar of European data protection authorities.

    Why should anyone feel the need to prove their humanness on the Internet? Well one reason is that by unleashing free power tools like ChatGPT Altman’s generative AI company is leading the charge to make it harder to distinguish between bot-generated and human digital activity. But don’t worry, he’s got an eyeball-scanning orb-plus-crypto-token to sell humanity on for that!
    Tech Crunch is sounding almost appropriately cynical here.

    The idea behind Worldcoin is they will pay their victims - I mean, their early adopters, a small amount of cryptocurrency to have their retinas scanned and recorded.

    A cryptocurrency they just made up.

    And of which they have reserved a huge chunk for themselves.

    And trust them, they would never permit all that critical biometric data to be misused in any way.

    It's basically a credit card fraud ring combined with a massive Ponzi scheme, only with venture capital funding.

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Disclaimer: At least have a lair in a dormant volcano or something. Have some fricking pride on your work.

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1 Intel must have some really special contracts with vendors to get by with the primitive garbage they've been pumping out for the last few years.

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