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Daily News Stuff 14 January 2023

Less Dead Edition

Top Story

  • YouTube will now demonetise your video if you swear in the first fifteen seconds.  Oh, and that's retroactive and applies automatically to every video you've ever uploaded.  (The Verge)

    You can manually edit each of your videos, reupload them, and file an appeal, and maybe they'll undo their mass monetisation murder spree for you.  Or maybe they won't.

    Or as Linus Tech Tips reports, maybe they'll hit a lot more of your videos because you dared complain about their very selective puritanism

    Advice: Learn Tagalog, or Bahasa.  Lots of creative swearing that YouTube probably won't pick up.

    Also, move to Rumble.

  • Meanwhile the Twitter files, categorically proving the collusion of social media and the government to illegally stifle dissent?  Nothingburger.  (Tech Crunch)

    The point being so far as I could read through this propagandist swill without throwing up (which I'd prefer not to do again this week) is that of course they are corrupt lying hacks looking to deplatform anyone who dares deviate from the designated Party line: They're communists.  And so are we.  Quit whining and go to the end of the queue.  Today's ration is one whole potato and if you miss out that's it until August.

  • Slightly less dead today.  Two medical and one domestic problem that have been plaguing me the last couple of weeks have been mostly cleared up through the judicious application of explosives modern chemistry.  And heavy drinking.

Tech News

  • Intel's 6GHz Core i9-1300KS is here.  (AnandTech)

    It's 25% more expensive and uses 20% more power (officially) than the regular 13900K, and it's 2% faster.


  • Meanwhile in a less insane sector of the desktop CPU space the first PassMark score of AMD's Ryzen 9 7900 is up.  (PassMark)

    This puts it at 6% slower in single-threaded and 8% slower multi-threaded than the full 7900X, which is not bad at all given that the 7900 is 20% cheaper (at least at MSRP, since the 7900X is currently discounted everywhere) and runs at 65W vs. 170W for the full version.

    The 12 core 65W 7900 is also faster than the previous generation's 16 core 105W 5950X (which is what I have in the new servers I'm preparing right now).  Though not by a lot.

    If you need a reasonably high end but not absolutely maxed out desktop, this is a good choice.  The GPU market is currently a mess though.  The cheapest current-gen graphics cards cost twice as much as this CPU.

  • Grad students hardest hit: ChatGPT - with a lot of editing - can turn out reams of stultifying drivel to justify your research grant.  (  (PDF)

    The paper was written using ChatGPT, one section at a time, then manually edited.  It's barely distinguishable from traditional human-generated academic excrement: Wordy, boring, and ultimately pointless.

  • Live by the woke, die by the woke.  (The Register)

    Nobody uses Apache anymore anyway.  (Checks servers.)  Uh.

Fuck You YouTube YouTube Video of the Day

You might wonder why you should watch a video by a guy with a cat named Mr Clinton.  Well, Clinton earned his name because before he was fixed he tried to f*ck everything.

Also, Clinton - the cat - got flagged for a community guidelines violation.

Rossman here goes over the new YouTube partner agreement related to the swearing thing mentioned above.  According to the agreement, YouTube not only can and will remove monetisation for your videos if they detect swearing in Cat, they will do so retroactively not just in terms of older videos but in terms of older ad revenue.

That is, if you had a viral video last year and your cat said something rude and it earned dozens of dollars, they will take that money away from you.

Disclaimer: Dogs and cats, living together.  Mass hysteria!

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