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Daily News Stuff 25 January 2021

Key The Virtual Idol Edition

Tech News

  • Calli hit a million subscribers today in the middle of a twelve-hour marathon.  Next up are likely Amelia, Coco, and Haachama.  In fact, 28 of the Hololive girls are on track to hit a million subscribers this year, with 7 already past that mark and all the others set to reach at least half a million.

    Not huge news in the grand scheme of things, except that they provide exactly the type of irreverent politically incorrect content that makes Hollywood scream and flee in the opposite direction.  The more followers they have, the greater the blowback when the usual suspects inevitably try to cancel them.

    If YouTube tries to cancel them they could launch their own platform and have a million users on day one.  Payment processing is the bottleneck though.

  • PGM indexes are magic.

    Mathematically they are as good as B-trees in the worst case while being faster and orders of magnitude smaller in the typical case.  They work by reducing the indexed data to an ordered set of patterns and deltas between patterns.  If the data cannot be effectively reduced then the end result is essentially just a B-tree, but when it can, the improvements can be daramatic.

    Or so it would seem.  Further discussion at Hacker News.

  • SonicWall ate its own dogfood.  (ZDNet)

    In most cases this is a necessary step - if you don't use your own product you won't have any direct feedback on the problems it might have.

    In this case a maker of network security devices was hacked because the network security devices they were using weren't secure because the network security devices the were using were the ones they themselves made.

    At time of writing, there's no patch available.

  • If you want to take a picture of the fascinating witches who put the scintillating stitches in the britches of the boys who put the powder on the noses of the faces of the ladies of The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software YOU'RE TOO LATE because they just closed down.  (Tucows)

    27 years is not a bad run for a download site.

  • Facebook has spent the past decade systematically making sure it has no friends anywhere.  (BBC)

    Bye Felicia.

  • Once I built a railroad, made it run...  (Jalopnik)

    Built it on Macromedia Flash.
    Once I built a railroad, now it's done.
    Adobe caused my business to crash.

    It's back up now using a hacked version of Flash.

  • A class action lawsuit against YouTube for failing to take action against copyright infringement has run onto the rocks for failing to allege a single instance of copyright infringement.  (TorrentFreak)

    These are the same people who used a VPN to download their own content and then file a takedown notice from the same IP address.

  • Amazon has asked the NLRB to block mail in ballots in a unionization attempt, noting that the suffer from "serious and systemic flaws".  (OutKick)

    If we could mine this irony we wouldn't need to bother with asteroids.

She Must Be Stopped Video of the Day

Haachama reviews cooking videos.  There will not be a dry seat in the house when she gets to the cockroach-and-mayonnaise fondue served in a horned beetle shell.

No, I'm not kidding.  This is Haachama.

Also, YouTube has marked her entire channel as safe for children, which had the side effect of disabling all the comments and live chat, and is quite likely a war crime.

Disclaimer: There is no spoon.  In fact, there is no cutlery at all.  How the hell am I supposed to eat this?

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1 It takes a pretty big butthole to make me side with pootube on anything, so congratulations are owed to one Maria Schneider here.

Posted by: normal at Monday, January 25 2021 11:59 PM (LADmw)

2 Disclaimer: There is no spoon.  In fact, there is no cutlery at all.  How the hell am I supposed to eat this?

Oh, you were eating at Medieval Times?

Posted by: cxt217 at Tuesday, January 26 2021 02:01 AM (4i7w0)

3 "The Republicans' use of Cambridge Analytica to micro-target voters was seen as a crucial component in Trump's victory."
Ever notice how when leftists bring this up, they invariably avoid mentioning that Zero did the exact same thing and bragged about it at the time (and that there were fawning articles about it?)

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, January 26 2021 02:53 AM (eqaFC)

4 The micro-targeting narrative both serves the conceits the left has about being able to measure and control humanity, and by existing pushes out other explanations for what happened. 2016 seems to have been a result of the Obama era disinformation campaign disenchanting white blue collar Democrats. The disinfo campaign also disparately intimidated them into silence, leading to a mismeasurement that prevented Democrats from guessing the right numbers to fraud. 2020, Obama era disinfo, plus people cottoning on to the extent to which political polling is manipulative, plus the terrorism discrediting the DNC with black voters. That mis-estimation meant that they could concede, or go obvious with the fraud.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Tuesday, January 26 2021 05:20 AM (6y7dz)

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