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Get Those Damn Users Off My Beautiful Clean Network Edition

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Disclaimer: Did you know that if you nurture your nuts, they can grow splendidly?  (Squirrel giggles recede into middle distance.)

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1 I'm kind of torn on that Google firing employees thing, because my default position is they should be forced to lose huge amounts of money until it's painful enough for them to change their behavior (although on the gripping hand, I'd rather it not go to the Federal government.)

If they're forced to rehire those employees, though, they should do what the Japanese used to do and say "your new job--at the same salary--is to plan the company party, and nothing else" or "your new job--at the same salary--is janitor."  I guess some people would be OK with that, though.

Is there a way everyone involved can lose?

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, August 26 2021 12:36 AM (eqaFC)

2 Apparently the stolen-nudes-as-a-service guy didn't even mask his IP address, so when he picked the wrong target and got the FBI involved, they just had to ask his ISP for a home address. You'd think Apple would have noticed that many customers all connecting from the same house.


Posted by: J Greely at Thursday, August 26 2021 01:51 AM (ZlYZd)

3 "You'd think Apple would have noticed that many customers all connecting from the same house."
You'd have to assume they cared, though.  Weren't they the vector through which the guy who had the "n" account on Twitter got it stolen?

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, August 26 2021 02:06 AM (eqaFC)

4 The Googlespeak article was an interesting read, but I laughed at the assertion that the Bide Administration has the most anti-trust savy team to go after Big Tech.  Leaving aside the issues everyone else has mentioned, the Biden Administration includes former senior executives from Google who came into the transition team/administration straight from the tech giant.  That alone is going to insure nothing happens to Google.

Posted by: cxt217 at Thursday, August 26 2021 11:38 AM (MuaLM)

5 In fairness, the author does link the "anti-trust savvy" line to a NYT article, so you know without clicking that the assertion was made in jest.

Posted by: normal at Friday, August 27 2021 04:13 AM (obo9H)

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