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Daily News Stuff 5 December 2020

Lost Squirrel Edition

Tech News

  • New washing machine works great.  Yeah, it can take five hours to wash and dry a full load, so I wouldn't recommend it for a household of more than two people.  But they do have a bigger model - mine is 9kg, and they have a 15kg model that costs around 40% more - if you need to wash a lot of clothes at once.

  • SSDs arrive Monday, yay!

  • Rally - the second of my two Dell Inspiron 27 all-in-ones - dropped dead today with an invalid firmware error.  A very very small invalid firmware error since it was designed to display in VGA and instead it was being shown in 4K without any scaling.

    But a reboot fixed everything, so while I don't know what happened it's all fine now.

  • 8TB consumer SSDs in NVMe and SATA.  (AnandTech)

    These are both QLC models.

    The sequential transfer rates for the SATA drive - Samsung's 870 QVO - are mid-range for a hard drive and just plain bad for an SSD.  The NVMe model, though - a Sabrent Rocket Q - does extremely well, around 2.7GB per second, until it fills up its pseudo-SLC cache.

    Since it has up to 2TB of pseudo-SLC cache, it can take quite a while to see the performance drop off.  If you want 8TB of data in an M.2 slot - like my entire Steam and GOG libraries combined - this would do a good job.

  • My washing machine also plays music.

    The one thing I miss from the old model is a button to remember your favourite wash cycle.  Maybe the mobile app does that.

  • AMD has some interesting mobile stuff coming up, including the overclockable Ryen 5900HX APU and a range of Radeon RX 6000M mobile graphics solutions unless they don't.  (WCCFTech)

    The graphics parts range from 25W to 90W, so they're not just for high-end gaming laptops.

  • Apple has released the second beta of the 11.1 update of MacOS Big Sur to developers probably because they really hate developers.  (Mr Macintosh)

    It's still not available for 2013-2014 MacBook Pros if any of them survived the first release.

Tale of the Tennis Racket Video of the Day

Minecraft is the perfect game for these girls.  Except for the ones who have no sense of direction, which come to think of it is almost all of them.

Lost Squirrel Tour Guide Video of the Day

Risu spends about an hour searching the HoloJP server for brown wool - which is something that occurs naturally - and found every colour except brown, even including Jeb_ the RGB sheep.  But in the process we got a fun tour of the server including a lot of stuff I hadn't seen before.

Disclaimer: Oh, risuners.  I didn't catch that until I heard her say it.  Very clever.

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1 "My washing machine also plays music." The Washing Machine Tragedy - Stanisław Lem

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