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Forty Mules To The Galleon Edition

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  • Is your Apple II or Commodore PET just not delivering the joy it once did?  Enter the 65F02.  (e-basteln)

    This is a 100MHz drop-in replacement for the original 1MHz chip.

    Of course that wouldn't do much good with the original 1MHz RAM still in place, so it has 64k of 100MHz RAM on board as well.

    It automatically maps out the memory and I/O addresses of your computer so that devices like floppy drives and video still work, while everything else runs at full speed.

Tech News

Disclaimer: I wonder if the 65F02 could be updated to work in a Commander X16?

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1 Reading between the lines of that fake bomb threat thing, the other takeaway is that Snapchat's probably giving the cops realtime access to conversations, and/or is monitoring what people say.

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, January 29 2024 02:12 AM (BMUHC)

2 Re: the disclaimer, the X16 uses a 65C02S, whatever that specific variant was, and the web site says " The X16 will be made entirely with parts that are still readily available today, ensuring perpetual availability without reliability issues, but in keeping with David's vision, it will house a real CPU rather than using emulation or an FPGA recreation of a processor. "

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, January 29 2024 10:10 AM (BMUHC)

3 The Infinite Craft 65F02 offers a significant performance boost for vintage computers like the Apple II or Commodore PET, replacing the original 1MHz chip with a 100MHz drop-in replacement.

Posted by: Craft at Wednesday, April 17 2024 12:18 PM (XJA3c)

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