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Daily News Stuff 9 February 2019

Tech News

  • Google is an open-source ClusterFuzz.  (Tech Crunch)

    Wait.  That might not be entirely correct.

    Fuzzing is a testing technique that automatically generates random inputs for your program - or carefully designed evil inputs, or some combination.  There are lots of tools for this already, but another one is welcome.

  • Pikazon, I ChooseCo you!  (TechDirt)

  • Abandoning Google Analytics for Fathom.

    Hmm.  What is Fathom written in?  Go?  Fine.

    Go, I've often said, is hipster COBOL.  But COBOL ran banks and insurance companies for decades.  A new COBOL is not inherently a bad thing.  I think people should have gone with Ada instead - it's a much better designed language than Go.  Or even Apple's Swift.  But Go is fine.

    (Fathom GitHub)

Social Media News

  • Spotify will squish you if you use an ad blocker.  (Tech Crunch)

    I'm okay with that.  Spotify has a direct external cost for every song you listen to.  If they don't recoup that somehow

  • California's disingenuous Attorney General is at odds with their incompetent legislature over the meaning of the state's new public records law.  (TechDirt)

    Given what we've seen with with Bill of Rights over the year, you would think that legislators would adhere to what I call the This means you, shithead rule.  That is, if anything in a bill could possibly be subject to weaselry, you add very specific text to the effect that This means you, shithead.

  • Under the guise of preventing human trafficking, Hawaii wants to force ISPs to filter porn.  (TechDirt)

Picture of the Day

Classic Computer Hardware of the Day

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