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Daily News Stuff 6 February 2019

Tech News

  • Google is making the blockchain searchable.  (Forbes)

    Two points: One, this is not hard.  Every transaction on the Ethereum blockchain (including the testnets) can be packed into a half-terabyte MySQL database.  (Don't ask me why I know this.)  Two, someone needs to remind them what has been found lurking at the bottom of Bitcoin.

  • An overview of DDR5.  (Rambus)

    Oh, those jerks.  They're still around?

    Anyway, worth reading if you're interested; DDR5 is more than just a speed upgrade.

  • Western Digital has cheap 10TB external drives out.  (Serve the Home)

    Currently $200 at Best Buy including a free 32GB flash drive.  The drive alone is $290 on Amazon so that seems like a good price.

    I prefer LaCie external drives because their aluminium cases look great, are nice and solid, and above all sit flat on the desk so you can't knock the damn things over.

  • Melbourne University professor tells Canberra politicians that they're a bunch of stupid-heads.  (ZDNet)

    She's right.

Social Media News

Anime Op/Ed of the Day

Picture of the Day

Here you go.  That's one quintillion pengos for you.  Don't spend it all in one place.

Disclaimer: Like any driving directions/map you should always do a reality check and make sure the roads still exist.

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1 ""We've all spent a lot of effort ... patiently explaining that you can't just open encryption when nice police officers are trying to read terrorists' data, and yet keep everyone else's data secure -- and nevertheless, this long history of nicely explaining stuff to them has not worked," Teague said on Wednesday."
Oh!  Oh!  I've got this one!  Just tell the terrorists they have to use encryption the police can break!

What?  It's not much more stupid than what the government's proposing.

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, February 07 2019 02:25 AM (Q/JG2)


Let us not forget that the SPLC has been proven to inspire actual terrorism and violence.  Their espousal of hate (Of anyone they disagree with.) would have gotten someone killed, except that the Family Research Council did not subscribe to 'gun-free zones.'

And, of course, for people who are concerned about free speech should not be defending the SLPC given their predilection at trying to censor people they do not like.

Posted by: cxt217 at Thursday, February 07 2019 04:43 AM (LMsTt)

3 ...And somehow I was able to guess the currency shown as Hungarian even before I looked at the name of the picture file.  At least having the highest rate of hyperinflation ever known in economic and monetary history gives you something to talk about.

Posted by: cxt217 at Thursday, February 07 2019 04:45 AM (LMsTt)

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