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Daily News Stuff 14 February 2019

Tech News

  • South Korea has set up its own Little Firewall.  (Bleeping Computer)

    They are blocking websites using SNI and forcing search engines to filter results.  Not nasty dark web stuff like drug sales, but ordinary adult content.

  • IBM has a cloud platform.  (The Next Platform)

    Who knew?

  • Singtel lost 40 million mobile customers.  (ZDNet)

    Have they looked down the back of the sofa?  I found $2.40 last time I pulled the cushions out.

  • Hardkernel's Odroid N2 is a wee bit more powerful than the Raspberry Pi.

    It has A73 cores instead of A53 cores.  The A5x series is low power; the A7x series is high performance.  Not that the A53 is terrible, but the A73 is more than twice as fast.

    Which means it uses more power, of course, so it won't fit everywhere you might want to put a Pi, and it's more expensive as well.  But choice is good.

    Boards will ship in April, $63 with 2GB RAM, $79 with 4GB.

    There was to be an Odroid N1 last year, but it was cancelled because the memory chips became unavailable without warning.

  • DigitalOcean introduces managed databases, starting with PostgreSQL.

    Because...  Just because.

    Pricing starts at $15 for a database node with 1 CPU and 1GB of RAM, which is three times the cost of a regular VPS of that size.

    PostreSQL is better than MySQL in every way except for actually using it.

    Full-text indexing in MySQL: Put a full-text index on the desired fields.

    Full-text indexing in PostgreSQL: Take your text fields, and create a new field that is a doubly-inverted flip list of the communitised k-terms.  Then simply apply a Queequeg-Moravec hash-trie index to the denormalised wave function of the tetragrammaton.  The search operator is &*==!=? and the match terms take the form of a sonnet.  In Flemish.  You may experience database outages if your Flemish is not period-accurate to the late 16th century.

Social Media News

Disclaimer: Reading or responding to this article may constitute precrime, thoughtcrime, or other malfeasance punishable by unpersoning in some jurisdictions.  Before considering reading or responding, please check if your country has turned into an Orwellian police state.

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1 "only counting prepaid customers who are actually paying for a service"

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, February 15 2019 01:28 AM (Q/JG2)

2 A53 cores are great for web browsing, reading email, Facebook, blah blah blah:  the basics.  I have a Moto G5S plus, with 8 A53 cores, and it's perfectly cromulent for that stuff.  One problem is that they tend to be paired with fairly weak GPUs (my phone has an Adreno 506) so scrolling isn't always perfectly smooth, and gaming performance isn't really great in 3D.
For something like a Pi-type computer it sounds great.  I have been leaning towards standing up a Pi Hole or pfSense router for some time now, and something with specs like this might work really well in that role, although you'd probably want at least one more NIC.
Oh, wait, this has A73s as well, and a honkin' big heatsink for heat dissipation.  Sweet!

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, February 15 2019 01:34 AM (Q/JG2)

3 Re: the Verge:  not only are they filing takedown notices, but those notices consist of almost-certainly-fraudulent copyright infringement claims.

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, February 15 2019 01:43 AM (Q/JG2)

4 Oh, good news--the article you linked had new information beyond what I'd seen, which is that not only did Bitwit get his copyright strike removed, but YT took the fairly unusual step of  telling the Verge some of their copyright-infringment claims "may not be valid".

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, February 15 2019 01:46 AM (Q/JG2)

5 Yes, YouTube comes out of this one looking good.  Vox / The Verge not so much.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, February 15 2019 01:49 AM (PiXy!)

6 I keep forgetting The Verge is part of Vox--the same Vox that told us there was a bridge between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.
Google keeps throwing stories from Verge into my newsfeed, but after yesterday, I threw them out of my feed, because they're a trash site anyway, along with Polygon (which I just now learned is also part of Vox.)

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, February 15 2019 03:48 AM (Q/JG2)

7 BTW, the article you linked mentions way at the bottom that just before this takedown was sent, Verge had an article about the scourge of false takedowns on YT.  Their commenters let them have it.

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, February 15 2019 03:49 AM (Q/JG2)

8 Oh yes.  I linked to a story about that - a week earlier on Bleeping Computer.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, February 15 2019 03:59 AM (PiXy!)

9 That wasn't the article I was thinking of--I just went back and found it in the comments (not link is a 'no ads for you' from, not directly to the Verge)
You have get the URL for the original article and go there to see the comments, as doesn't have them, but down at the bottom there are people "not cool"-ing the article.  (~3/26 comments; a typical sample is "So are we all just going to ignore that Vox Media (/Verge) is guilty of this exact thing! Using the copyright strike system in order to silence creators. Creators which critiqued their absolutely poor pc build guide.")

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, February 15 2019 06:21 AM (Q/JG2)

10 Steve from Gamers Nexus' latest video seems to take a certain amount of glee in showing links to Verge articles talking about fake copyright assertions, too.
If there's any justice in the world, this cause a large amount of richly-deserved hurt to Vox Media.

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, February 15 2019 06:24 AM (Q/JG2)

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