Tuesday, June 19


Daily News Stuff 19 June 2018

  • The EU is busy cementing its self-assigned role as internet cancer, with YouTube an opportunistic infection.

  • AMD offers old chips for new.  Swap your 8086 for a 16-core ThreadRipper!  If you have the right version of the 8086, that is.

  • Humble Bundle has some book bundles that might interest my audience

  • Intel's rumoured 8 core Coffee Lake S has shown up on...  Intel's own website.  I think the rumours are pretty well confirmed at this point.

    AMD are widely expected to fire back next year with a 12 core mainstream Ryzen.  And so it goes.

  • The Internet of Idiotic Things (IoIT) strikes again with an electronic padlock that can be unlocked by anyone with a smartphone in two seconds.

    Or anyone with a web browser even faster.

I meant to do that, photo by Tama66 on Pixabay

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