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  • Watching the anime 16bit Sensation which is set (mostly) in a tiny third-rate game development studio during the nineties.

    The details are pretty good - the computers are recognisable models that were available in Japan at the time, and among the many PC-9801s there's even a Sharp X68000.

    The programmer is working in real X86 assembler, and while the paint software the artists use is fictional its features are real enough.  A bit lacking, really; I'm pretty sure automated dithering was a common feature by then.

    The anime itself is kind of silly, but if you like retro computers, or retro computer games, or, um, retro stories, you might want to check it out.

Disclaimer: Weasels are weaselly distinguished, while stoats are stoatally different.

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1 a) the government is absolutely hiding culturally alien humans from public awareness, and from itself

b) the government is absolutely hiding technology for flying objects that it can identify, but not all of the public can.  Caveat, even to that caveat, the public includes people who do not even know what a biplane is. 

c) the government is run by presentist morons who think that the political status quo can be pretended into not collapsing, and would seize on any premise to distract the public from what the 'magician' is doing.

d) HRC is seriously disturbed, and a space alien flying saucer fan.  Because of her influence, the government would say stuff simply to make her happy and keep her from pushing to be made happy in other ways. 

e) I think the extraterrestrial life, space alien cultures, and advanced technologies not rooted in a Judaeo-Christian world matters are best explained as wishful thinking by various people.

f) I enjoyed XCOM, and think some of the ideas are cool. 

Posted by: PatBuckman at Monday, March 11 2024 03:18 AM (r9O5h)

2 Space Aliens & Time Travellors have in common that if someone claims to be one, we drug them or stuff them in the rubber room.  Or both*.
Which is exactly what they're trying to do to Donald Trump!

*see "The Man Who Fell To Earth"

Posted by: normal at Tuesday, March 12 2024 03:49 AM (LADmw)

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