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  • How come tech founders don't give a crap about sustainability.  (Tech Crunch)

    Because nobody does.  It's almost entirely a grift.  And if the secondary grift interferes with the primary grift, out it goes.

  • The weirdest bug I've seen yet.  (Gusto)

    Not me, but the person writing the blog.

    Tracking down why the company's internal customer support application would crash Chrome...  Sometimes.

  • ASRock has a new mini-ITX Ryzen server motherboard.  (Serve the Home)

    With four memory slots, dual 10Gb Ethernet ports, and remote management.

    Awesome.  Sounds perfect for my little NAS cases.  How many SATA ports does it have?



  • Yes, Virginia, you can have too many cores.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Ampere's new Arm-based server CPUs have 192 cores.  And you can put two of them on a motherboard.

    Only problem is the Linux Arm kernel supports a maximum of 256 cores, so with two of these chips it just won't boot.

    In fact, the smallest model of these chips has 136 cores, so any two-socket server will refuse to boot under Linux.

Disclaimer: Do or do not, there is no spoon.

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1 One huge problem with the DMCA takedown system is there's no facility to punish bad actors.  If someone got caught repeatedly submitting bad takedown request, they should be banned from submitting any more for, say, a year the first time, with escalating punishments for repeat behavior.
I realize that might create a stampede of bad actors; one way to deal with this might be to say only the actual organization who holds copyright can submit takedown requests:  no third parties at all.

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, December 01 2023 11:54 PM (k3/O4)

2 Submitting fraudulent DMCA requests is actually a crime, with serious criminal penalties. Which, like most other crimes involving the internet, are basically impossible to get enforced.

Posted by: Davd at Saturday, December 02 2023 02:30 AM (R7Z4D)

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