Wednesday, September 16


All Onions Go To Heaven


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1   To Heaven

Posted by: zabetheny at Saturday, September 19 2015 01:15 PM (UVB6W)

2 Onions

Posted by: Lbertine24 at Monday, September 21 2015 11:43 AM (JGoEa)

3 total size 1 kb

Posted by: Lbertine24 at Monday, September 21 2015 12:40 PM (JGoEa)

4 The bestest

Posted by: Lbertine24 at Monday, September 21 2015 12:47 PM (JGoEa)


This site sure is lonely these days. Not even spammers around to keep you company!

(Actually, that's really cool. After years of infestation, we're finally free of that crap. Who knew that "orange" could be so effective at killing vermin?)

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Saturday, October 03 2015 10:10 AM (+rSRq)

6 Spammers are still around. Check out the number of comments in this article: it's larger than the visible number of comments by 4.

BTW, this reminds me: Minx will delete comments marked as "junk" after a while automatically, but it's not consistent. I seem to find that it only does that to comments that are the latest. 1 good comment getting in means that all the junk comments that are older never get deleted.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Saturday, October 03 2015 01:52 PM (RqRa5)

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Apple pies are delicious. But never mind apple pies. What colour is a green orange?

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