Thursday, December 13


It's Raining Shinies

I'm working on a new theme for based on Twitter's Bootstrap framework (a nice unified CSS/Javascript platform for doing responsive site desings).

But while I'm a pretty good programmer, I'm only middling as a designer, so I've been hunting for a good Bootstrap-compatible theme I could license and then customise to my needs - and I couldn't find one.  I could find some nice themes that didn't work with Bootstrap (making it harder for users to customise their own sites), and I could find Bootstrap themes that were immediately obviously Bootstrap themes, but nothing that was both based on Bootstrap and also slick and polished and distinctive.

And now I've found five since Sunday.

Guess it's that time of year.  Or... Something.  Any one of these themes would do the job, and some of them come with stacks of features that will save me weeks of work (and months of elapsed time, since I don't get to spend as much time as I'd like working on Minx).

I've bought basic licenses for all five (that's pretty cheap to do) so that I can play around and do some site mockups, which I'll post here for comment.  Expect to see that this weekend.

Once a favourite is selected, I'll buy a more expensive "extended" license that allows me to repackage the theme into Minx.

And then it will be shinies all round.

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