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DAZ 3D, purveyors of 3D models for...  Well, for 3D modelling, I guess...  Has jumped onto the razor-blade business model with both feet.  For a limited time, they've reduced the price of three of their modelling tools - DAZ Studio Pro (for 3D illustration), Bryce Pro (for procedural landscapes), and Hexagon (for creating and editing 3D models) to...


DAZ Studio is no Maya, but it's quite functional, and you certainly can't beat that price.  Obviously they're betting that more users of the software will mean more sales of 3D models, and that's where they make most of their money.  I hope it works out for them, and if you're at all interested in 3D art, go over there and download the programs and try them out.
  • Regular Price:$679.90
  • Platinum Club Discount:$0.00
  • Sale Discount:-$679.90
  • Subtotal:$0.00
  • Shipping:$0.00
  • Tax:$0.00



I tried to upgrade to DAZ Studio 4 Pro when it came out, but there was a bug with their online store and I couldn't get the upgrade price from my DAZ Studio 3 bundle to work correctly before their special offer ended.  Now I'm getting it for free, which means that I can spend the money I saved on content instead. smile

I'll still have no time to actually do anything with it, which is a shame, because I now have the perfect system to do 3D work on.  Well, I have the components of the perfect system to do 3D work on, and I will assemble them real soon now.

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