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Daily News Stuff 17 February 2024

Grand Unified Rrat Edition

Top Story

  • Microsoft is retiring Azure IoS Central, its hub service for the Internet of Insecure Pieces of Crap.  (The Register)

    This is the problem with specialised cloud services.

    Cloud servers are fine, if you're either small enough that they're cheap, or big enough that you can get a deal.  If you run containers on top of them - LXC or Docker, pick your poison - it is possible - not easy, but possible - to move to any other cloud provider, or to leased servers, or to your own hardware.

    S3 storage is fine, because everyone supports that, and there are open source solution as well.  Although S3 storage in general is awful if you need to do any sort of file management.

    The service will stay running for existing customers until March 31, 2027, but we're likely to see a bunch of devices simply stop working the next day.

Tech News

If You Live There Put a Ring on It - Or Maybe Don’t - Video of the Day

Disclaimer: We have to go to triple secret probation.

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