Friday, May 11


Creatively Clouded

So Adobe's new software rental model is finally out, and a lot cheaper than the previous version.  And I noticed that they're offering a significant discount if you sign up for a full year and already have a license for any of their professional products version CS3 or later.  Given the number of applications and bundles I've bought over the years, surely I'd have something that will do the trick.

So, let's see (shuffle, shuffle...)  Macromedia Suite Version 8?  Probably not.  Aha, Fireworks CS3 license key.  Type type type...  Achievement unlocked: 40% discount!  Achievement unlocked: Adobe Everything!

I will of course be too busy to ever do anything with any of it, but that's not the point.  The point is, mine!

Update: There we go, I now have working installs of CS3, 4, and 5 Design Premium, and CS6 Master Collection.  Skipped over CS5.5; it didn't really seem worth the effort.

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