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Wednesday, May 09


Win Some, Lose Some, But Mostly Win

No servers are on fire today, so I can spare a moment to check over my Kickstarter pledges.*  Only two of the projects I backed have failed so far.  Bit of a shame in both cases; MetaCell II looked interesting, and Popchilla's World looks like a good idea and something worth developing.

Starlight Inception didn't look like it would make it until about an hour before it ended, when the pledge rate suddenly went through the roof.

These have reached their goals and are still open.  I'm really looking forward to Grim Dawn, which has been in development for a couple of years and already looks awesome.  And Almond Quest is as cute as a bug sandwich.

The others are all pen-and-paper RPG projects, which are just thriving on Kickstarter.  Without the uncertainties and expenses of computer games, or the odd production requirements of board games, they can set small goals for quirky projects, and very often, exceed them by miles.

Together with Hasbro / WotC / TSR's remakably liberal licensing of the older versions of AD&D, this has generated a mini RPG boom.

And these still need your help!

Drifter is a space trading game in the tradition of Elite; it's mostly complete on iOS and raising funds for a Windows & Mac port.  It's doing pretty well with more than 50% of the goal raised so far.

Kinetic Void is a spaceflight sandbox adventure thingy.  I think the loose definition and the fact that it's at an earlier stage of development (so no gameplay videos) are hampering the pledge drive.  Still, I was willing to toss $10 at a potentially interesting indie game.

Republique is an SF action game for iOS / Windows / Mac.  They've already raised $300k out of an ambitious $500k, but with less than three days to go, it's looking shaky.

Light Table is an experimental free-form programming IDE, one that gets out of your way and lets you code.  If you've seen a recent version of something like Visual Studio, or even something like PyCharm (which I use) you'd likely know why this interests me.  Visual clutter is the order of the day; PyCharm is wonderfully functional by very annoying to actually use.  

On a good day I can spend 10 hours in an IDE, so if something comes along that makes me even 10% more productive, or even just 10% happier, it will pay for itself in no time.

Light Table has nearly reached its goal, but they're looking to raise more money to added support for more languages, and Python is the first stretch goal.

Update: Last Minute Surges 'R' Us, and Republique crosses the finish line with 8 hours to spare.


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Saturday, May 05


Currently Hiring

Tech support fairies.  Must have own wings and fairy dust.

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We Interrupt These Faces For

Drifter: A Space Trading Shut Up and Take My Money.

Okay, sometimes the developer isn't the ideal spokesman for the game, so here's some footage of the game itself:

The game is already well into development for iOS (iThingies); the Kickstarter project is to raise funds to do Windows and Mac ports.  They've raised 20% of their target in 20 hours, so it's looking promising.  Just $10 for the digital download.

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Thursday, May 03


Software For The Talentless Hack, Mid-Week Edition

This little Flash facemaker is kind of neat too.

Only problem is a slight lack of variety; there's only one head shape and only one skin tone.  Hope the creator chooses to extend it.

Let's see how they look littlesized:


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