Thursday, March 24


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Transferring files, settings, and programs (608,859 of 2,777,119 transferred)

This is the first time I've ever upgraded a Windows system.  Usually I'll hang onto them until they're old enough to need replacing or the operating system gets corrupted and dies.*

Nagi is a quad-core machine with 8GB of RAM, and until AMD's new Bulldozer chips arrive later this year there's no upgrade that's worth bothering with.  Not that I can reasonably afford, anyway.

So after carefully backing up 2.2TB of miscellaneous stuffs, I kicked off the upgrade at about 2 o'clock this afternoon.  It's just gone 9 o'clock now, and the status is exactly as I gave above.

It's not a quick process, not when you start with a 2.5 year old Vista system with 748 applications installed.

And it's telling me that The Sims 2 may not work afterwards. sad

Also my IDE controller, but I don't think that's even in use.

* Which has happened to me twice, both times due to memory problems of one sort or another.

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