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Wednesday, March 02


Cool Beans

Good: New air conditioner!  (It's only taken three years...)

Bad: Had to get up at 6AM because the air conditioner guy was coming at 7AM...  And I only got to bed at 4AM. sad

Ugly: It's Autumn.  It was over 30C (86F) here yesterday, but this morning it's not even 20C (68F).

Potentially Still Good: It can still get pretty hot in Sydney in March.

Also Good: It's a reverse-cycle unit, with 6kW cooling and 5kW heating capacity, so I'll be comfy this Winter as well.  In fact, it's twice the size of the old unit.  I just wish I'd had it a month ago.

Also Ugly: It's ugly.  The old cheap crappy unit that this replaces might not have worked, but it was compact and stylish.  This one ain't.

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Yay, A Family Restaurant!

I've changed my mind about Hidamari Sketch.

We definitely need another season.  Two.  Two more seasons.

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