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Minecraft Modpack Mayhem

So I added in Create, and Create: Steam and Rails, and Botania, and Graveyards, and When Dungeons Arise, and Born in Chaos, and my modpack still loads and plays fine on my work laptop.

Looks like it's using a maximum of 6GB of RAM.  This is only a problem for me because the stuff normally running on this laptop uses about 14GB, so if I don't shut all of that down first it grinds to a halt.  If your computer isn't filled with junk, 16GB should be fine.

So time to stop adding stuff and start tweaking.  The spawn rate for When Dungeons Arise is far too high, for example; in the last three tests I've had "dungeons" show up that are visible from the spawn point, and one time I had three of them.

Main Features

  • Botania
  • Create

  • Blocks +
  • Chisels and Bits
  • Chipped
  • Dawn of Time
  • Every Compat (Wood Good)
  • Diagonal Fences / Walls / Windows
  • Macaw's Doors / Fences / Roofs / Walls / Windows
  • Seafoam's Dyeable Blocks
  • Stoneworks

  • Born in Chaos
  • Canes Wonderful Spiders
  • Creeper Overhaul
  • The Dawn Era
  • Enderman Overhaul
  • Friends and Foes
  • Naturalist
  • Plenty of Golems
  • Unusual Fish

World Generation
  • Biomes O'Plenty
  • Ecologics
  • Geophilic
  • Graveyard
  • Immersive Weathering
  • Nyctophobia
  • Serene Seasons
  • Tectonic
  • Terralith

Dimensions and Dimension Upgrades
  • Incendium
  • Nullscape
  • The Aether
  • The Twilight Forest

  • Better Villages
  • Overhauled Village
  • Repurposed Structures
  • Sky Villages
  • Tidal Towns
  • The Lost Castle
  • Underground Villages
  • When Dungeons Arise
  • Yung's Better (everything)

  • Immersive Aircraft
  • Mythic Mounts
  • Small Ships
  • Steam and Rails

Food and Cooking
  • Aquaculture
  • Croptopia
  • Farmers Delight (plus addons)

Multipurpose Mods
  • Clutter
  • Quark
  • Supplementaries
  • Trails and Tales +

Quality of Life
  • Better F3
  • Corpse
  • Death Finder
  • Pickable Pets
  • Save the Pets
  • Save Your Pets
  • Skin Layers 3D

There's a lot more but I want to leave some of it as a surprise.  Though when I publish the modpack you'll just be able to look it up anyway.

Update: Hmm.  It's using 4049MB out of the 4096MB default heap.  That's not going to be very stable - it's already broken on me once - so a couple of things need to go.

Which reminds me of the most important mod of all: Ferrite Core, which reduces memory usage by about 40%.

I'm making a clean rebuild and so far it's using 2.6GB out of 4GB of heap.  I've removed Naturalist, Born in Chaos, and When Dungeons Arise for now, each for different reasons.

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