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Sunday, March 07


Kimi Ni Todoskwee

It's made of aww and winsome.

Update: One of the great things about being caught up with Kimi ni Todoke is that I can also catch up on That's absurdly awesome episode-by-episode reviews.  DO NOT READ BEFORE WATCHING RELEVANT EPISODES.  If you have watched relevant episodes, start here.  If you have not watched relevant episodes, watch relevant episodes, then start here.  The fact that they refer to SPOILER as Vichy-tan is perfection.

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Damn Zombies!

Asus almost make a really brilliant little server motherboard, the P7F-E.

I say almost, because it's full of zombies.

See that third ethernet port on the back?  It's for remote management - KVM-over-IP.  Except that it doesn't actually work unless you add a KVM-over-IP card.

Those eight extra SATA ports?  Brilliant!  Except that they don't actually work unless you add an eight-port RAID controller.  Which, coincidentally, costs more than the motherboard.

Zombie I/O ports.  I hate zombie I/O ports.

Update: The same goes for the Z8PE-12DX, which I was going to order for my day job.  Now I'll need to budget for a RAID controller as well.

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Saturday, March 06


Lian-Li, Lian-Li, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

They've stopped making the PC-V600, the best small computer case I've ever used.  All four of my desktop machines (Haruhi, Yurie, Nagi and Tanarotte) are in these cases, silver for the Windows boxes, black for Linux.

I ordered another two of them while they're still in stock, one of each colour.  If I ever end up with more than six desktop machines running, I'll have worse problems to deal with than mismatching cases...

I discovered the discontinuation while shopping around for a decent midi-tower server case, something that seems to be almost extinct.  Why the hell do manufactures manufacture cases with 7 5.25" bays and 2 3.5"?  Who actually uses 7 DVD drives at once?  I'm looking at colocating a small server at a budget colo facility, and it's cheaper and easier to build a tower box than a rack mount one, and costs no more to host.

I did find one case that suits my needs - the Fractal Design Define R2.  It has eight 3.5" drive bays behind two 120mm fans (which is far more than the V600's 3 bays, with another 3 via an optional converter that fits 3x3.5" drives into 2x5.25" bays) and room for another 5 120mm fans in various locations.  And it's available in three colours.  In case I want to run yet another operating system, I guess.

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Thursday, March 04


Toshiba Australia, You Still Suck, Though Objectively, At Least, Not As Much As You Did Last Month

Subjectively, however, I'm even more annoyed than before.

There's now a model of their neat little T110 notebook available in Australia for $699, much more in line with pricing elsewhere in the world.  It has an AMD rather than an Intel chip, but I'm fine with that.

But it's the single core model.  The dual core model available elsewhere is only slightly more expensive, has only slightly shorter batter life - and is twice as powerful.

But we don't get that one.


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Wednesday, March 03


Three Minutes And Fifty Three Seconds Of My Life That I'll Never Get Back

And for once I'm totally fine with that.

Click on it and go to YouTube for versions up to 1080p.

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Essence of Cute

In which I reiterate my statements about the closing credits of Hanamaru Kindergarten.

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Tuesday, March 02


Fractal Wrongness In A Programming Language

I have 800 arrays of about 5000 integers each that I need to combine into an array of about 4 million integers.  I don't care about the order or anything, I just want one big array.

PHP had used 8 minutes of CPU time and 1.2GB of RAM when I shot it through the head.

Solution: Don't use PHP.

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