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Innova Editor (the editor used by Minx) works in Opera 9.5.  It kind of worked in earlier versions, but there were significant glitches.  Now it just works.

It does work more the way it works in IE than the way it works in Mozilla, but that may be due to the options I'm setting; I don't know which set of options Opera will pick up.

So my habit of hitting enter twice between paragraphs has to stop, and I have to learn instead to hit Shift-Enter when I want to break a line without a full paragraph break.  Hardly the end of the world!

I need to tweak just one thing to enable Innova for comments for Opera users; I'll do that now.

The one minor annoyance (apart from my double-enter habit) is that by default, if you double-click on text in Opera, it brings up a little context menu.  That doesn't prevent you using Innova, but it's irritating.  You can disable the menu in the Opera preferences: Ctrl-F12; Advanced tab; Toolbars; down the bottom there is an option Double-click text to display context menu; untick that.

On the plus side, Ctrl-i, Ctrl-b, and Ctrl-u work for italics/bold/underline; in Mozilla they bring up bookmarks, bookmarks (yes, both Ctrl-i and Ctrl-b are shortcuts for bookmarks) and the page source repsectively.  They can be overridden, but Innova doesn't.

That just leaves Safari as the holdout.  I have a proof-of-concept of another editor (SPAW) working with Minx.  It has some nice features (tabs, multiple edit boxes with one toolbar) but is designed to work with PHP, which Minx doesn't have.  That will come later; for now, we support three out of four of the major browsers, and Mac users can download Firefox. razz

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1 Changes made.  Works too! smile

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