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All Out Of Legs Edition

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  • Intel plans to launch new server CPUs.  Lots of them.  (WCCFTech)

    The much-delayed Sapphire Rapids chips with up to 60 cores are now expected in Q1 of next year, just in time to compete with AMD's 96 and 128 core Epyc Genoa and Bergamo ranges.  In Q3 Intel will introduce an 8 socket platform - up to 480 cores per server - which will in theory put it ahead of Epyc which only supports dual socket configurations.

    Following this will be Emerald Rapids, Granite Rapids pushing the core count to 120 per socket, and Diamond Rapids introducing PCIe 6.0.  Those will likely be competing against 256 core Zen 5 monsters using 600W per socket - but able to replace a dozen or more older servers.

  • How do other companies (like the hosting provider here) offer bandwidth so much cheaper than AWS?  Amazon is making a 98.75% gross margin on bandwidth charges, that's how.  (Cloudflare)

    In the US, Canada, and Europe, Amazon marks up bandwidth costs approximately 8000%.  Lowest markup was an estimated 350% in South Korea, which apparently has higher prices for commercial internet connects than even Australia.

  • Honda (a Japanese company) and LG (Korean) are building a joint venture battery factory in Ohio.  (CNBC)

    There's been a lot of this recently.  China has become self-destructively unfriendly to foreign investment, to the point that it is simply toxic and companies are willing to spend whatever it takes to build elsewhere.

  • Speaking of which Taiwan says it no longer needs to destroy its chip fabs in the event of a Chinese invasion, because they'd be useless anyway.  (Tom's Hardware)

    The fabs rely on equipment and supplies from multiple Western sources, many of which are already on the restricted list for China.  They'd have captured the very latest equipment, but it would be $100 billion worth of paperweights.

  • My latest Amazon delivery made it to New House City in record time - and has now been wandering around the countryside in a courier van for two days.  The local depot for this particular courier is 70 miles away, and I doubt they're taking the most direct route.

    I do kind of miss same-day delivery, but not a million dollars worth of miss.

Disclaimer: Not that there's anything wrong with $100 billion worth of paperweights, if you have $100 billion worth of paper, and there's a breeze or something.

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