Thursday, December 20


Nanotech Bakes A Better Battery

Scientists at Stanford university have come up with a new variant on the Lithium-ion battery that delivers ten times the capacity.

That's huge.  Assuming they don't run into engineering difficulties bringing it to market, it changes everything.  It makes electric cars practical.  Gives you a notebook that lasts all day without charging.  iPods and phones can use much smaller and lighter batteries, making them smaller and lighter themselves.

Scientists and engineers have been making gradual progress towards improved batteries for decades; this in a single leap outpaces all that effort put together.


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1 Looks like they're probably a few years from mass production, and the big question will be cost. Still, it's good to see this kind of thing happening. The stall in battery performance has been a headache for the electronics industry for a long time.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Thursday, December 20 2007 06:39 PM (+rSRq)

2 Parents the world over can heave a sigh of relief that toys will now last that much longer before the kids say "Daddy, why doesn't my robo sapien work anymore ?"

Posted by: Andrew at Friday, December 21 2007 10:05 AM (/uGTr)

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