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Thursday, August 24



Claims another victim.

Since the series was licensed before the fansub was completed (before it even finished airing in Japan, I think), the situation he finds himself in now is where I was this time last year.

(Also, four of the episodes were released straight to DVD and never aired. I assume they will be included in the R1 release.)

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Double Defoiled

EYO tried every Conroe-compliant motherboard they had in stock, and only one would detect the 4GB of memory; all the others showed 3GB.

The one that worked is a 975-based board; none of the 965 boards worked.

Very strange.

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Wednesday, August 23


Free Speech, Victorian Style

From the worst major metropolitan newspaper in Australia:
Justice Geoffrey Nettle said: "Surely that can't justify restraining them from saying something that said by anyone else would be legal? In the case of the newsletter, for example, Pastor Nalliah says many churches have closed down. What's wrong with saying that?"

Ms Mortimer replied: "The tribunal has found there is something wrong with saying it. Truth is not a defence, it's irrelevant to contravention of the act."

If truth is not a defence in a freedom-of-speech case, something is seriously fucked up.

Fortunately, it appears that in this case what is fucked up is the legislation, and that the Court of Appeal has retained at least a modicum of sense. Even if plaintiff's counsel has not.

Justice Ashley said so many of the statements were entirely innocuous and asked how the pastors could legitimately be restrained from making them. Ms Mortimer replied: "Because the tribunal found that when they made them they made them in a way that contravened the act." She said the comments had to be seen in the overall context.
But nothing will save the Solicitor-General:
Solicitor-General Pamela Tate said the case did not come under the implied constitutional right to free speech because that right applied only to political and governmental matters.
In fact, the right to freedom of speech in Australia has its roots in English Common Law going back to Henry II. And Common Law is based on the rejection of Ecclesiastical Law. I think there is a very good argument that blasphemy, and indeed all religious vilification, is a purely Ecclesiastical crime, and that the Victorian legislation is unconstitutional on that basis. Even apart from being totally fucked up* and an unsupportable abridgement of fundamental human freedoms.

* I'm allowed to say this because it is a political and governmental matter, because I don't live in the state of Victoria, and because I don't give a shit anyway.

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Who Said That?

If we ever give up the desire to help people to live in freedom we will have lost our soul as a nation.

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Tuesday, August 22


Curses! Defoiled Again!

I got a call from the computer store* today. Turns out that the motherboard I'd ordered would only support 3GB of memory, not the 8GB it said on the web site. So I was forced to get the better model with the dual network ports, dual PCIe x16 slots, FireWire, WiFi, eSATA, and all that.


* EYO; I've been buying stuff from them for years.

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Sunday, August 20


Install Inferno

So now I'm re-installing all the stuff I used to have on my PC.

So far, I've loaded 18GB of software.

I thought I was going to have to install all my games as well, but it turns out that after the last disaster I loaded them all onto the (newly rebuilt) D drive - and they're still there.

So yay for that, at least.

* Except for Neverwinter Nights, which is very emphatic about where it wants to live. C:/NWN or bust. But that's a single DVD, and I haven't even lost the activation keys yet.

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Friday, August 18


Minus Oneth Normal Form

We used to joke about some of the database structures at my previous place of employment - for example, comma-separated lists of name=value pairs - as being in minus-oneth normal form. We were forced to do stuff like that because we were working with huge databases and impossible time constraints, and simply could not afford to take the databases offline to make the changes we really needed, so we had to stick data wherever it would fit.

(There's a good name for this sort of activity: deficit programming. I hate deficit programming.)

Why do I bring this up?

I've just been denormalising our database. We are running, right now, on a hacked-up copy of an ancient version of Movable Type. In preparation for moving off Movable Type, I am trying to get it into a form at least somewhat similar to the Minx structures.

Part of the problem is that MT is highly normalised. There is, for example, no record of how many comments are attached to a particular post. MT executes an SQL query to count them as needed. Minx embeds it within its queries. But being forced to embed a carefully grouped count function within a query that is assembled ad-hoc depending on parameters set by the blog owner and the individual template tags is something of a pain.

So I de-normalised the database. Now we have a comment count field.

There are only two pieces of code that add comments to the system, and I've patched those to update the new field. A database trigger would be a much better solution, but this is MySQL 4.1, and it doesn't have triggers.

Unfortunately there are also several things that delete comments, so I need to hunt those down as well. Or just set up a routine to recalculate the comment counts every so often. Until we move to Minx. Whenever that might be...

Update: And, uh, just breaking the entire blogging system in the process. Stupid MySQL.

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Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan.

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The Forumiser

Fixed now. Required some hackery of both Minx and Movable Type (to get them to co-operate on updating the necessary fields), and the database (so that the query doesn't take 15 seconds to run).

My forum.

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Thursday, August 17


It Pays To Advertise...

If your business happens to involve theft, fraud, extortion, and child pornography, you might think at first think that you wouldn't want to publically announce these facts.

Now turns conventional wisdom on its head.

Wonder if the FBI would be interested in these shitheads?

(I haven't visited that site and wouldn't advise it, but their spam conveniently lists all of their "services".)

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