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Saturday, January 07


Brains, Minds and Consciousness

This is brilliant.

Its a series of videos taken at last year's Skeptics Society conference on, um, brains, minds and consciousness. It's so far covered evolutionary psychology (and why it is wrong), the neural correlates of consciousness (and why idealism is bunk), and where science comes from - and I'm less than a quarter of the way through. It's fascinating stuff and the speakers are wonderful.

It's a three gigabyte download for the "high quality" version (which suffers from some nasty compression artifacts), but that's about eight hours worth of video. Very highly recommended.

While you're waiting for the download, go here and vote for Yuri. This blog is running on Kei, but she's not in the poll.

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Friday, January 06


Two Cows

Sydney: You have two cows. Although you booked them into a private preschool before they were born, you nonetheless find yourself on a waiting list. Meanwhile you keep them on an acreage in Dural, where you form a co-op to share the un-pasteurised milk until the entire group is suddenly wiped out by botulism.

Melbourne: You have two cows. Since no-one drinks dairy products any more, you enroll them at Moonash University. One graduates and goes on to become head of the ABC's Drama Division. The other becomes front page news when it is killed by a tram.

Adelaide: You have two cows. Their milk is undrinkable, so you apply for a government subsidy and buy expensive imported milk like everyone else.

Byron Bay: You have two cows. Duuuuude.

Darwin: You have two cows. Neither of them gives any milk between September and May. No-one cares.

Perth: You have two cows. The minute they turn sixteen they drop out of school and move to Sydney.

Cairns: You have two cows. You trade one for three baby crocodiles and a one-legged kangaroo, and open a wildlife park. Contrary to expectations, it is a huge success.

Canberra: You have two cows. Together you start a business selling cow-oriented adult movies over the internet. You become rich, and decide to go into politics, where you find that the work is the same but the pay is worse.

(Two cows page via Chapomatic)

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Thursday, January 05


Pixy's Party Hints #1

Instead of inflating your balloons with helium, why not try xenon? Imagine the surprise on the kids' faces when their balloons fall to the ground like rocks! And enjoy the side effects - not only does it make your voice deeper, it actually renders you unconscious!

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Norton Internet Security Must Die

Die die die!

If you have a Netcomm NB3 ADSL modem, and you have Norton Internet Security installed, you will not be able to configure the modem. Neither the automatic configuration program, nor the manual configuration through your browser will work.

I actually had to get the customer to telnet into modem - fortunately, they were reasonably cluey - before Norton revealed its evil presence and I twigged as to what was going on.

This was, of course, after we sent them a replacement modem.

Die die die! Die Norton die!

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Monday, January 02


Comment Of The Day

Over at Ace's:
Dude, I think you're a dick and all, but in good faith I feel I should point out that you're arguing with Spurwing Plover, who is either a random text generator or 8 years old. We haven't figured out which yet, and he's never gonna answer.
Sortelli to a nameless left-wing interloper.

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Welcome To 2006

Sydney enjoyed a classic New Year's Day today with temperatures hitting 45.2C (113.4F) in parts of Sydney (only 43C/109.4F where I live) ahead of what is euphemistically called a "late southerly change". This means winds of 60 km/h gusting up to 100 km/h, a temperature drop of 15C or more in two hours, lots of branches down and localised power outages. Fortunately, the power outages managed to miss me for once, taking out the northern edge of Hornsby instead.

We don't look likely to get any thunderstorms though. It was so dry today that even the 18° drop we got won't do the trick.

The other side of this is bushfires, of course. There was a nasty-looking glow to the north-east this evening, which may have been the Central Coast fires or may have been something closer.

Elsewhere in the state, temperatures reached as high as 47C (116.6F) at Ivanhoe. Snow? Don't talk to me about snow.

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