Friday, February 11


On The Other Paw

Browsing through the little booklet that comes with my iPod while it formats, I come across this goodie:
You cannot switch from using iPod photo with a Mac to using it with a Windows PC (or vice versa) without erasing all data on iPod photo.
You morons.

This of course explains why the miserable piece of crap decided it had to be formatted before I could use it. (It's still bloody formatting.)

Look, Apple, I have a PC and a Mac. You want to sell Macs to PC owners, you have to make the iPod work with both. None of this insane reformatting bullshit, it has to just work.

Now stop sitting on your thumbs and fix it.

(I deleted the first version of this post, in which I was rude.)

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1 there are alternative iTunes software and firmware patches you can get to address the multi device issue... I just opted for the easy life and didn't buy an iPod!

Posted by: Rob at Friday, February 11 2005 06:34 AM (kXZI6)

2 What? iPods work with both!!

Posted by: Cleopatra at Friday, February 11 2005 06:57 AM (OL7sU)

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