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Thursday, October 27


Sparkling Clean...

There's a new episode of Bleach out, number 55. Maybe because something actually happened last week, there are 27,000 people downloading it right now. That's about 6 terabytes of data, or 6 months of munu. For one episode of one show. Subtitled.

I was looking around for a BitTorrent tracker on the weekend to host my anime video clips, and was annoyed because most of them seem to be written in C, and require compiling and installation rather than just being plonked on the server. This is why. If you have 27,000 people hitting your server at once, your program has to run as fast as possible.

Since I don't have 27,000 people hitting my torrents - or even 27 - this is something of a nuisance, but that's how BitTorrent is designed. The more people downloading, the better it works.

Update: 29,000.

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Kanga Bangas

With a name like that, I just had to buy some. How could I not?

Low fat, low cholesterol, and no worries about mad cow disease because they're not cows.

I also picked up some 'roo fillets while I was there.

Cooking tips here courtesy of the KIAA.

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Galloway Hung Out To Dry

If this pans out - and it looks pretty damn solid - George Galloway is, as the article puts it, screwed.

Couldn't happen to a nicer fascist scumbag.

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I Don't Know Why It Swallowed The Fly

The billing system is down.

The billing system is down because the billing database is down.

The billing database is down because the database server will not restart.

The database server will not restart because it thinks the shared memory is in use.

It thinks the shared memory is in use because it has a bug related to releasing shared memory segments.

It needed to release the shared memory because it crashed.

It crashed because a user exited while holding a microtransaction lock.

The user exited while holding a microtransaction lock because an index key on another, federated database could not be deleted.

The key could not be deleted because the index is corrupt.

The index is corrupt because the other database crashed.*

The other database crashed because it ran out of disk space.

It ran out of disk space because the database directory was full of backup files.

The directory was full of backup files because if the backup filesystem is not mounted, the backup script writes its files into the source directory.**

The backup filesystem was not mounted because both disks in the RAID set had failed.

The disks in the RAID set had failed because they timed out during reads.

They timed out during reads because there's a bug in the firmware on WD200JB disks.

I don't know why there's a bug in the firmware, perhaps we'll die.

* Even so, this shouldn't happen.
** That one is my fault.

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Shiny Happy mod_rewrite

mod_rewrite is your friend. It is not that confusing (once you've spent an hour or two reading the documentation and the examples... twice) and it is very powerful.

For example, if your software only lets you set up blogs as and you really want it to appear at, mod_rewrite will do that for you. You can stick it in an htaccess file, and it will still work (it does this by magic). It works even if is on a different server to (And if you happen to have a cluster, this means you can effectively use the bandwidth of all of the servers.) You can redirect this but not that if that's what you need. You can even, with a little tweaking, automate the creation of the rulesets.

This may mean that I can use an existing CMS rather than having to write one myself. Further research is definitely indicated.

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Wednesday, October 26



The nice people at our new hosting provider have sorted out the clustering and reinstalled the operating system on our new servers.

Only they seem to have reinstalled the 32-bit version.

So it will be another day before I can get started.

On the plus side, we get another freebie: XController, which I was planning to buy. It makes CPanel much simpler and less cluttered. Try the online demo... While we wait for the OS to be reinstalled.

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Rizel-chan, Rizel-chan, Wherefore Art Thou?

I was looking for more anime to extract clips from, and I thought to myself Rizelmine, that had a nice opening sequence. So I look on the server and... No Rizelmine. Check the unsorted directory. Nope. Check the backup folder. Nothing.

Well, damn and blast. Rizelmine came out a couple of years ago, so it would be licensed by now for sure, and I'd have to buy it on DVD, rip it, and re-encode it before I could actually make the clip. I'll be doing that soon enough (once I get through the fansubs), but it was a bit annoying that I'd lost a series that I once had. (And a bit disturbing that it had happened at all. I thought I'd juggled the various server switches smoothly enough not to have lost entire directories full of anime.)

Turns out, though, that no-one's bothered to pick up Rizelmine. It's still in fansub. Clicky clicky, download.

In fact, according to my list, it's backed up on DVD #20, but I don't know if that's the full series or just the first half. Just the first half, I think, because it says that Kokoro Library is on there as well, and it wouldn't all fit if it was the full two seasons of Rizelmine.

Downloading is easier, anyway.

(If I was with Telstra on one of their non-capped broadband plans, they'd charge me $510 to download that much data. Yeah. Still. In 2005. Bunch of thieves.)

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Lovely Angels To The Rescue

The two new MuNuServers, Kei and Yuri, are almost here. There was a slight mix-up with the operating system (the 32-bit version of CentOS was installed instead of the 64-bit version), and the clustering is waiting on parts... Well, a crossover cable, to be exact.

One bonus: They ran out of 160GB drives, so we got a couple of 200GB drives instead.

It will take a couple of weeks for me to configure and test everything, and then we'll move everything across. This should result in a shinier, happier, more responsive munu for everyone.

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Tuesday, October 25


Nin Nin!

Okay, sometimes I'm a bit slow. I only just now realised why 2x2 = Shinobuden:

Watashi kunoichi
I am a female ninja
(watashi I, kunoichi a female ninja)

Ninin ga Shinobu desu
2x2 = Shinobu (ni two, so ninin two-two; Shinobu is her name, and desu meaning is, or in this case, am. I'm not sure precisely what ga means here. Note that the verb comes at the end, so the first line makes no real sense by itself. Or at least is ungrammatical.)

Why the 2x2? Well, Shinobu is a trainee ninja, and when exercising her ninja talents she has a tendency to say nin nin, as in ninja. So nin nin becomes two times two.

I'm sure you wanted to know that.

The video clips for Shinobuden are very cute, particularly the closing sequence, which is done in claymation. (So is the closing sequence for Futakoi Alternative, by the way.) You can download them here; three seeds, no waiting. (Actually, I think the seed count is wrong, but there are at least two.)

Just don't ask me where the -den suffix comes from.

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More Input!

I've added another collection of anime clips for you to enjoy. If enjoy is the right word. From the 12th-century Hungarian historical drama of Chrno Crusade to the Amazonian documentary masterpiece Green Green; from the psychological thriller He Is My Master to the gritty study of pre-teen pregnancy in the slums of Osaka in Mama Is A 4th Grader, these clips will have you on the edge of your seat, and sometimes over the edge.

As always, downloads will be slow until I get a second seed up and running.

(Tracker page here)

(Warning for diabetics: Contains sugar.)

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