Saturday, December 29



Or a success-like event, anyway.

I've managed to boot Naga on the FC4-x86-64 Rescue CD, and after a bit of poking around with fdisk, managed to manually reconstruct one of the two 800GB arrays.  I'm copying data off that right now.

The other array is down because of a failed disk, so unless I can somehow coax that drive to life (or copy it onto another drive), that one is toast - it was RAID-0.  Several smaller RAID-1 arrays have also been brought back to temporary life.

Fortunately, while the missing array held the majority of my old anime, it's also the one that I have better backups of.  The other array, the one that I have managed to get working, only has about 300GB of anime, but it also has about 400GB of assorted stuff - backups of, photos, files, music - hundreds of thousands of little files for which I don't even have a complete catalog. 

So at least I'll be getting that back: After finding the old /usr partition I got rysnc up and running and it's pushing 25MB a second across to Yurie.

At this point I'd given up hope of getting anything off that machine, so every byte is a bonus. smile

Update: For some reason, rsync will burp and die every few gigabytes.  But it's rsync, so I just send it on its way again.

Update: Oh look, Bleach.  Goody.  Of course, I have Bleach, on my external drive, on my new PC, on DVD-R, and on DVD now that it's been released here.  But I've also recovered it from Naga.

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1 Yay!

Posted by: Kean at Saturday, December 29 2007 10:57 AM (fLfJT)

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