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Anyone out there who understands Windows networking?

If so, does Windows actually comprehend the concept of having more than one network card? And of, like, routing packets to the 10.1.1.x network out the card configured with the 10.1.1.y address? (Yes, my netmasks are correct.)

Or should I just give up and configure my Linux box as a router?

I now have six network interfaces - 100M ethernet, Gbit ethernet, three firewire interfaces, and another one calling itself "Microsoft TV/Video Connection" that just magically appeared one day. Sometimes some of them work. Sometimes some of them don't work.


Pixy's Tip of the Day

If you wish to experiment with TCP/IP over Firewire, do not use the Firewire chain with your external hard disk on it, as this will likely cause the disk to be unavailable to either computer.

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1 Which windows? I know I had horrible trouble getting my XP box to route. I eventually gave up and rebuilt with Server 2003 which seemed to handle it much better. You'll probably get the same results from a Windows 2000 server install. Any thing below server level just doesn't seem to like it!

Posted by: robert at Sunday, December 21 2003 09:49 AM (++j+u)

2 Used to have one with two network cards on Win98 so it is possible. I can't remember exactly how we did it...

Posted by: Kathy K at Sunday, December 21 2003 10:27 AM (V/KiF)

3 Sorry, Windows XP. ("Professional".) I checked the routing table and it looks sane, but it just plain does not do what it says. I've seen it send packets out the wrong interface, seen it unable to ping one IP on a subnet when it could ping all the other IPs fine (and that IP was working properly), seen it sending requests up the 100M line and getting data back down the Gbit line. It depends on what order the interfaces are enabled, too. None of these issues are evident with any of the Linux boxes on the network, or with the single-homed Windows box. Bleah. I have to leave a constant ping running in the background or it somehow loses touch with my local mail server. IT'S FUCKING RETARDED!!!

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sunday, December 21 2003 11:48 AM (jtW2s)

4 I think it's possible with win2k professional. Performance and stability will suck, though. I recommend you put together a low end box and stick Smoothwall on it ( That's a linux-based firewall package with a nice GUI to configure it. It's a great use of obsolete equipement.

Posted by: Rossz at Sunday, December 21 2003 03:19 PM (43SjN)

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