Tuesday, November 25


And Never a Thought to Think...

I care about the environment. I like having air that's fit to breathe, water that's safe to drink, green trees to look at, cute fuzzy animals and all that. I hate scumbags who dump waste straight into rivers to save a few dollars or throw their empties out the car window.

But I've never voted for the Greens because I considered them a single-issue party, and there are many priorities that need to be balanced in running a country.

Turns out that I was wrong: The Herald Sun reports that the Greens have a wide-ranging agenda:

[Bob Brown's] Greens want higher taxes for all, but particularly for business, whose taxes will leap from 30 cents in the dollar to "at least 49 cents". Bye-bye jobs.

But that's if those businesses are allowed to exist in the first place. The Greens want to ban smelters, end uranium mining, "phase out old coal-fired power stations", "dramatically reduce . . . use of fossil fuels for transport", stop genetic engineering and limit mining exploration.

Dams will be made to hold less water, and farms will be abandoned and roads dug up until the land they occupy is "below 1995 levels".

So, with no uranium, no coal-fired power stations, no water in the dams for hydroelectric power, no farms, no jobs, and no roads, we're all going to sit at home and starve in the dark. But at least we'll be happy:
This will help "people to fulfil their real . . . social needs", which the Greens believe may include taking drugs.

Yes, the Greens say drugs should be decriminalised, heroin handed out and softer drugs made "more freely available" because people need "the opportunity to achieve personal fulfilment" and that "may, for some people at particular times, involve the use of drugs".

I'm in favour of decriminalisation, at least of marijuana. But as a path to "personal fulfilment", drugs rate up there with the Greens' defense policy:
They plan to give "non-violent civilian resistance training" to a civil force which can help defend us should we be "militarily threatened".
I feel safer already.

(via Tim Blair)

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1 Non-violent civilian resistance training in case of a military threat....perhaps they're hoping the enemy will laugh itself to death?

Posted by: LeeAnn at Tuesday, November 25 2003 11:57 AM (HxCeX)

2 My dog's got no nose!

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tuesday, November 25 2003 12:25 PM (jtW2s)

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