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Wednesday, May 08


Daily News Stuff 8 May 2024

You Say Wah Edition

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Tech News

  • Speaking of laptops, the old new laptop - the one I bought two years ago that has been waiting all this time to be set up - has a working Windows license again.

    And it runs my modded Minecraft instance at 60fps with shaders enabled.

    It could probably do more but it's only a 60fps screen.

  • Asus leaked the part number and specs of AMD's upcoming Strix Point laptop chips.  (AnandTech)

    Twelve cores - four Zen 5 and eight Zen 5c, which are identical but run at clock speeds about 25% lower, 36MB cache, a top speed of 5.1GHz on the main cores, and 77 TOPS (trillion operations per second) of AI thingy.

    That's double the AI thingy of Apple's M4, which has a 38 TOPS thingy.

  • China's latest GPU beats the best chips from AMD.  (Tom's Hardware)

    That is, the best chips from AMD from 2008.

    It's roughly equivalent to a Radeon 4850.  I had one of those.  Passive cooler.  Played Mass Effect and Dragon Age on it.

    It definitely slowed down in big combat scenes but it was mostly okay.

  • Micron's new LPCAMM2 memory modules are now available for purchase.  (WCCFTech)

    In one speed, LPDDR5X-7500.

    $175 for 32GB and $330 for 64GB.  Not cheap but 80% cheaper than Apple and even more cheaper than replacing your whole computer because the RAM is soldered in place not that I'm bitter about that right now.

  • An OpenAI executive says that ChatGPT will be "laughably bad" in twelve months.  (Business Insider)

    Hey, give yourself some credit.  It's laughably bad right now.

Vtuber Music Video of the Day

Today's effort is a collab from Hololive's Gawr Gura and Callipe Mori, who between them have approximately seventeen billion subscribers.

Disclaimer: Subscriber numbers may settle in shipping.

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Tuesday, May 07


Daily News Stuff 7 May 2024

Excluded Mondays Edition

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Random Vtuber Music Video of the Day

Not Hololive today, but indie vtuber Midas, with Touch Tone Telephone.

Disclaimer: Cause I'm the right one, on my VOLTE telephone.

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Monday, May 06


Daily News Stuff 6 May 2024

Bibbidy Bobbidy What Edition

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Random Vtuber Music Video of the Day

Today it's Suisei of Hololive's Generation 0.

Disclaimer: Fleem.

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Sunday, May 05


Daily News Stuff 5 May 2024

Break Brakes In Case Of Car Edition

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Tech News

  • Understanding Stein's paradox.  (Joe Antognini)

    Well, that didn't work.

  • Why RAG won't solve generative AI's hallucination problem.  (Tech Crunch)
    Because models have no real intelligence and are simply predicting words, images, speech, music and other data according to a private schema, they sometimes get it wrong. Very wrong.
    What RAG does is tell the AI to look the damn answer up instead of making it up.

    For which the AI is entirely unnecessary.

  • 4060 Ti or 7700 XT?  (Tom's Hardware)

    Following price cuts from both Nvidia and AMD, the judges award this round to the 7700 XT.  In fact, I've seen the 7700 XT (which has 12GB of RAM) selling for less than even the 8GB model of the 4060 Ti, making the choice easy.

  • Setting up computers all over the place, including a new Linux server at home running Ubuntu 24.04.

    Dug out the spare Dell laptop that had the spare 4TB SSD in it, and that has now been moved over to the new Asus laptop.  The Dell itself doesn't seem to have survived the move - or didn't survive sitting idle for two years.  Either way.

    That frees up 32GB of RAM and a 2TB SSD for a second Linux server.

    The Linux servers will be called Voms and Versen.  The Asus laptop is Maomao.

    I still need to come up with names for the two main Dell laptops.  They were originally going to be Sana and Pomu, but both of them have now granulated.

Disclaimer: The Team MP44 is awarded a rating of "sucks", after failing completely under both Windows and Linux.

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Saturday, May 04


Daily News Stuff 4 May 2024

Flying East For The Spring Edition

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Tech News

  • Building a Threadripper workstation and need lots of fast memory but also want ECC?  V-Color has you covered.  (Serve the Home)

    192GB at DDR5-7200 speeds.

    Though you only get full speed if you have one DIMM per channel, so if you need more (and your motherboard has more than four slots) it will slow down.

  • If you need even faster memory - like HBM - you can place your orders now for delivery in 2026.  (AnandTech)

    Hynix's production is already sold out for 2024 and most of 2025.

  • Google's search results, already almost useless, are getting worse.  (The Register)
    "It has happened," wrote developer Arian van Putten in a social media post over the weekend. "The number one Google result was an official Pulumi documentation page that was clearly written by an LLM (it had a disclaimer that it was) and hallucinated an AWS feature that didn't exist. This is the beginning of the end."
    Pulumi, the company generating the AI results, has been very responsive to the problem, has taken down two thirds of the pages and is reviewing the remainder for incorrect answers.

    Google meanwhile offered the cannedest of canned replies."

    Bing, meanwhile...  Didn't have the same problem.  So score one for Microsoft.

  • Generating 1024 bit prime numbers the hard way.  (GlitchComet)

    The easy way is to just copy and paste.  Here you go:


  • If you play Helldivers 2 and live in Monaco or San Marino or Andorra or any of about seventy other countries, publisher Sony says fuck you.  (GamesRadar)

    You will now be required to sign up to the PlayStation Network to play the game on Windows.  The PlayStation Network is only available in about half the countries of the world.

Disclaimer: 945823840365261944385461779258678948848895733

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Friday, May 03


Daily News Stuff 3 May 2024

Water in the Fire Edition

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Tech News

  • Every map of China is wrong.  (Medium)

    If you overlay satellite data on maps of China, nothing seems to line up properly.

    This is because all recent map of China are wrong - deliberately so, with locations shifted by anything from 50 to 500 meters.

    And nobody in China is permitted to correct the errors.

  • There's another critical security vulnerability in GitLab.  (Ars Technica)

    GitLab is great.

    Under no circumstances should you run your own instance connected directly to the internet.

  • Nurses say hospital adoption of half-cooked AI is reckless.  (TechDirt)

    I'm sure they do, and I'm sure it is, but this article not only provides no evidence whatsoever for these claims, it doesn't even provide any coherent claims.

  • Kobo's 2024 e-reader models are user-repairable.  (Liliputing)

    In the sense that a moderately experienced user with a $20 screwdriver set can open them up and replace the screen, battery, and motherboard, and the front and back parts of the case if the damage is physical rather than electronic.

    Which is not everything, but is certainly something.

Disclaimer: Which is not nothing.

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Thursday, May 02


Daily News Stuff 2 May 2024

Snake Edition

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Tech News

Disclaimer: <disclaimer.h>

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Wednesday, May 01


Daily News Stuff 1 May 2024

But The Truck Broke Down Edition

Top Story

  • After years of telling motherboard makers to set PL1 = PL2, Intel now says not to do that, and also that it never said to do that.  (AnandTech)

    On Intel CPUs, PL1 is the long-term power level; PL2 is the short burst power level.

    On a high-end chip rated at 125W, PL2 is something like 253W.  On the top of the line 14900KS, it is increased to 320W officially, and 400W or more unofficially.

    This produces great benchmark results but unfortunately fries the chips.

    Of course, if you throttle the chips back to the official official power limits, all the existing benchmark results become fairy tales.

    So if you're looking for a high-end CPU right now, go AMD.

    If you're looking at a mid-range CPU like Intel's i5-14500, none of this is likely to matter.  It's a good chip.

Tech News

Disclaimer: But the truck broke down
It couldn't climb the hill
So they gave me twenty bucks
Off my next grocery bill.

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Tuesday, April 30


Daily News Stuff 30 April 2024

The Price Edition

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Tech News

Disclaimer: Behind you!

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Monday, April 29


Daily News Stuff 29 April 2024

Nobody Asks Edition

Top Story

  • What happens to TikTok?  (The Verge)

    The author of this article is either delusional or drunk, but in any case, the answer is it dies and is forgotten within a week.

Tech News

  • MongoDB CEO Dev Ittycheria talks AI hype and database evolution.  (Tech Crunch)

    To clarify: He says that AI is mostly hype:
    "My life has not been transformed by AI,” he said. "Yes, maybe I can write an email better through all those assistants, but it’s not fundamentally transformed my life. Whereas the internet has completely transformed my life.”
    In fact, most of what he says here is refreshingly sensible:
    "There’s probably like 17 different types of databases, and probably about 300 vendors,” Ittycheria said. "There’s no customer on this planet that wants to have 17 different databases. The complexity that creates, and the cost of learning, supporting and managing those different technologies becomes overwhelming. It also inhibits innovation, because it creates this tax of complexity.”
    I'm still meh on MongoDB's license structure, but I recognise the necessity to prevent Amazon simply draining their blood and discarding the lifeless husk.

  • Huawei's Pura 70 contains SMIC 7nm technology, and also unicorn farts.  (The Register)

    SMIC doesn't have 7nm technology.  It has 14nm with multi-patterning.

  • The US is reviewing the risks of China gaining a lead in RISC-V technology.  (Reuters)

    I'm sure they are, but it's irrelevant.  RISC-V is an open standard; anyone can create their own implementations of it.

    If you don't like that, build something better yourself.

  • American Airlines still hasn't properly fixed its Y2K problems.  (BBC)

    A 101-year-old frequent flier keeps being assigned a baby seat.

Disclaimer: Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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