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Friday, January 08


The Randomisation Of Haruhi Suzumiya

Before I watch the Haruhi movie, I'm watching the BD release in order.

Or am I?  I haven't watched season two before, but I seem to have run into it before getting to the close of season one, which ends with episode zero.

There is only one true order in which to watch Haruhi, and that is out of.

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New Server: Sakura

I have a new server, Sakura, to handle backups for the mununiverse.  It has 32TB of disk, arranged as two independent 8TB RAID-1 volumes.  The previous backup server (also named Sakura) had 6TB RAID-5, so 16TB RAID-1 is quite an upgrade.  And the new server is slightly cheaper.

Only downside is the new Sakura has shingles.  That is, it uses shingled disk drives, where the tracks actually overlap.  This works because drive read heads are smaller than write heads, and can accurately read the half-sized tracks.  But it means that you can't overwrite a single sector; you have to read a whole group of tracks, change the bits you want, and write the whole lot back.

Sequential performance is just fine - 160MB/sec on both reads and writes.  Random access is fine, even great, up to a point.  The drives have a 20GB buffer area for random writes, which works extremely well - several times faster than a normal disk drive.

But I can't recommend doing an OS update while a RAID rebuild is running.  That seems to be pushing things a bit too far.

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Thursday, January 07


K-On! Movie Pre-Review

Hirasawa Yui is my spirit animal.

Update: The big problem with watching any K-On! is that their songs are terrible earworms.  I now have Rice is a Side Dish stuck in my head.

(Couldn't find a clip of them actually performing this song, though they do it once in the TV series and again in the movie.  This is the movie version, where Yui does an unscheduled One more time! and the other girls go Whut? but manage to jump back in.)

My favourite has to be Listen, the season 2 first-half ending, featuring cake-fairy Mio:

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Tuesday, January 05


A Monster In Paris Pre-Review

I have nothing bad to say about this film.  Four stars.

I was going to suggest that perhaps Lucille's accent wanders a bit, but I checked, and she's played by Vanessa Paradis, who is French, from Paris, and plays the role in both the English and French versions, the only major cast member who did so.

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Monday, January 04


The Adventures Of Tintin Pre-Review

I'm toying with the idea of Tintin as an anti-hero, like Moorcock's Elric of Melniboné, so completely obsessed with getting the story (no matter how trivial) that he is entirely unaware of the disaster he leaves in his wake.

This film did not grab me.  There is one part that is very, very, very good, but that's a few minutes of honey in almost two hours of cold porridge.

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Inside Out Pre-Review

In which Pixar takes Dennett's "Cartesian Theater" perhaps a little too literally.

Cute film, and yet a stronger story than Brave.  The model of mental processes is almost the diametric opposite of reality, but I'm willing to let that slide.

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Sunday, January 03


Silence In The The Library / Forests Of The Dead - Again

Just rewatched these.  How often do you get TV shows where an episode follows directly on from one that was broadcast seven and a half later?

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Crank Pre-Review

A touching love story.

No, really.

No, really, really.

I enjoyed it more than I expected, though it was slower-paced than I expected.

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Friday, January 01


2016: Year Of The Sadmonkeycat

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Tuesday, December 29


42 Days Of Suggestions

[Stickied.  I forgot I could sticky things.]

As I mentioned, I'm planning to watch and review 42 films in the space of 42 days - the summer school holidays here in Sydney.

I can probably find 42 films to watch, but I'm certainly open to suggestions.  Just three requirements:
  1. I haven't seen it before.*
  2. It must have some redeeming quality.
  3. It must be available in some reasonable way.


3. Brave **½
5. The Prestige
6. Inside Out ***
7. Inception
8. The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
9. Skyfall
10. Dark City
11. The Shawshank Redemption
12. The Martian
13. Mad Max
14. The Mouretsu Pirates Movie
15. Frozen **
16. Interstellar
17. 300
18. Crank ***
19. Metropolis
20. Watchmen
21. Sucker Punch
22. Pacific Rim
23. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
24. Only Yesterday
25. A Monster in Paris ****
26. Shoot 'Em Up
27. Minority Report
28. Secondhand Lions
29. To Kill a Mockingbird
30. Arrietty ***½
31. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
32. Army of Darkness
34. Desperado
35. Sin City
38. Double Indemnity
39. The K-On! Movie ***
40. The Adventures of Tintin **½
41. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya ***
42. Star Wars: The Force Awakens ***

(I may rearrange the order depending on what I feel like watching from day to day, but I plan to get to everything on the list.)


**** Everything it could have been and everything I could have wanted. It's rare for a film to do both; I'm not objective in my ratings and don't pretend to be.

*** Very good, well worth watching, and recommended.

** Adequate. Or perhaps it was well-made but didn't grab me, or it grabbed me but was badly flawed. Something you might watch on a rainy afternoon and not count your time wasted.

* Not very good at all. Not recommended unless you are feeling particularly perverse.

Ø A stinker with no net merit whatsoever. A black hole where talent and money went to die.

* Which you can't possibly know unless I've mentioned it here, so fire away.

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