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  • Nice one, Facebook. Way to go. (TechDirt)

    Refusing to refund charges run up by underage users is a surefire PR coup.

  • There is joy in Mudville - the EU's godawful copyright legislation has unexpectedly struck out!
    Note that it's only mostly dead.  Mostly dead is still partly alive.

  • The GDPR is still in full and hideous effect, though, with Amazon, Apple, and other companies facing potential fines totalling up to €18.8 billion.  (Bleeping Computer)

    This week.  For complaints from one advocacy group.

  • Mike Godwin (yes, that Mike Godwin) reports on the problem of epistemic closure.  (TechDirt)

    The book Network Propaganda demonstrated that the problem with epistemic closure in American news sources lies not with explicitly biased sources like blogs, but with the mainstream media.  But Mike apparently suffered an aneurysm mid-way through the article when he offered this hypothetical for the reader's consideration:
    Consider: if progressives had cocooned themselves in a media ecosystem that had cut itself from the facts—that valued tribal loyalty and shared identity over mere factual accuracy—conservatives and centrists would be justified in pointing out not merely that the left's media were unmoored but also that its insistence on doctrinal purity in the face of factual disproof was positively destructive.
    Mike, you idiot, that's precisely what has happened.

    67% of Democratic voters believe that the Russians changed the vote counts in the 2016 election.  (The Economist/YouGov poll, November 4-6, 2018)

    This is of course completely false, and everyone in the administration is on record as saying it is completely false, but it is the mainstream belief among Democrats.

  • Oh, snap.  (Tech Crunch)

    Sorry.  Had to.

Video of the Day

So where the heck did Navi go anyway?

The first 11 minutes are explaining that leaks are unofficial pre-release information subject to change because people apparently no longer understand "grain of salt".

Picture of the Day

Disclaimer: Offer valid only at participating locations, which in this case means all locations.  Not to be combined with other offers or somehow cleverly duplicated.  Limit one card per visit.  Please present this card to the cashier, but don't be surprised when they keep it.  Cash value 1/100th of one cent, which is pretty much nothing.  This is the fine print, why are you still reading this?  Really, this is getting silly, go eat.

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I actually have to wonder if the number given in the poll might actually be higher, given the magazine who commissioned the poll, famously published an endorsement of Obama in 2008 where they explicitly stated their hope that he was lying about what he wanted to do...

Posted by: cxt217 at Sunday, January 20 2019 02:48 AM (LMsTt)

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