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Back in a moment.
Thank you Santa.

Saturday, November 13


Burn In... Burn Out

If you run an 80GB Intel X25-M at its rated 4KB random-write performance, it will exceed its rated 4KB random-write endurance after just 3 days.

For a 32GB Intel X25-E, it would take about 28 months.

This is why the E-series runs five times the cost per gigabyte of the M-series.

What the real-world lifespan is for either drive range I have no idea, but I aim to find out.

Update: Based on the actual activity patterns on our server, the 80GB M-series would last 2½ years, and the 32-GB E-series (which is what we are using, 3 drives in a RAID-5 array) would last about three centuries.

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Oh. That's Actually... Affordable

As I've mentioned before, I may have an opportunity to move from expensive hosted servers to cheaper managed colo.  A rack-mount server with 6 cores, 16GB of RAM, 6TB of disk and a nice SSD can be had for well under US$2000, which is currently about A$2000 as well (though the Aussie dollar has recently dipped back below parity).

Only problem is that many of the sites and other related things run under CPanel, which I license through our hosting company.  I'd need to buy my own licenses, and the last time I looked it was quite expensive.

Now it's $200 per year for an unlimited-user virtual server license.  Since I virtualised all our systems 18 months ago, that's perfect.

So plans are moving ahead.  Slowly perhaps, but definitely moving.

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Thursday, November 11


Magical Google Unit Converter Fail

So, what's 671 kWIPS in FLOPS?

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Wednesday, November 03


On The Lawn, Nibbling The Croquet Hoops

Warning | 1478 | InnoDB: ROW_FORMAT=COMPRESSED requires innodb_file_format > Antelope.

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