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Everything's going to be fine.

Wednesday, September 19


I Need A Bigger Hammer

My footer won't foot.


There's a tool around somewhere that shows you div lines overlaying your web page so you can work out where that unwanted space is coming from.  Have to go find it.

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Tuesday, September 18



1.1 is live. grin

It's now almost midnight here at Pixy Labs, so I'm going to leave it at that for today, but look for all sorts of goodies tomorrow!

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Monday, September 17


Closing In

I am now running without banner, header, or footer templates.  Everything is running from the new default templates.  The whole thing is theoretically live, but I have a couple of hours of work to do tidying up before I announce anything.

Edit: "Couple of hours" being out by the factor of four that has applied throughout this project.  neutral

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Sunday, September 16


The Problem Is Somewhere Else

I was copying a few* files on the new server and it was running a little slower than expected, so I stopped the copy and ran a quick performance test using hdparm.

And I was all, damn, there's something wrong here, it's only doing about 6MB a second.  (I'd expect to see upwards of 40MB a second on any modern 3.5" drive.)

So I checked one of the servers, and I got the same disappointing results.

And then I looked again, and I realised...  Those numbers aren't in MB.  They're the next larger unit.

I was looking at the cached (not raw) performance, and yes, I'm getting 6GB per second from the cache.

Unfortunately, that still doesn't explain why the copy is so slow.

Answer: Ah.  If I'm copying archives from both the old servers to the new servers and uncompressing them on the fly, copying files from one disk to the other on the server at the same time is unlikely to deliver 100% of the system's potential.

* A few = slightly less than a million.

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Friday, September 14


Look Ma, No Hands!

I am going to turn off my style sheet now.  If the theme builder is installed correctly, this will make no difference at all.

If my site suddenly disappears, well, there's probably still a bug or two hanging around.

Update: Oops.  Let's try that again.

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Also Also Wik

Not just my air conditioner, but also my dishwasher and my oven pull the voltage down enough to reset my external drive.

Western Digital has to be getting complaints about this thing.

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Thursday, September 13


Taking Steps

Step 1: Announce that you'll be releasing detailed specs for your graphics chips to open source developers, albeit under an NDA.
Step 2: Announce that you've reconsidered.  Never mind the NDA stuff, it will be open to all.
Step 3: Actually deliver the documentation.
Step 4: Watch's server melt.
Step 5: Profit!

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Tuesday, September 11


My Links Are Blue

And I am too.

Not. smile

Running live on 1.1 now.  The blue links are a side-effect: my blog was set up on a slightly dodgy 1.1 alpha, so a few things glitched when I merged it back into the mainstream.  It should fix itself, though, if I do this...

Yes!  Okay, those colours aren't quite right either, but that's what you get from a quick clicky-clicky.

Update: Colours are back again.  The colour picker does let you put in hex values if you really want to.  (Also colour names for the 140 standard named colours.)

The one remaining bug is something that didn't break that should have; namely, my banner.  I changed the banner sizing from exclusive to inclusive at the last minute; either way is confusing, but inclusive is probably less so.  Having the same number but assigning it a different meaning should have screwed up my banner image, but it's fine, so there's something wrong with the code there.

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Tweaky Tweaky

I had one small problem left with the theme builder: Once you started using it on a theme-builder based site, the little colour-picker boxes would scoot over to the right of the screen.  This also happened to the menus in the editor.  The editor has an adjustment value that lets you fix this, but the colour picker doesn't.

As it turns out, this happens if you use the editor or colour picker inside a div with relative or absolute positioning.  And as it also turns out, I don't need to do that for the editing pages.  The new stylesheet introduces a contents div that lives within the existing main div.  The contents div has to be relative-position, so that I can manipulate the absolute positioning of the sidebars within the contents area rather than within the entire browser window.  (The content columns are still relative, because absolute positioning introduces its own problems).

But the edit screens haven't changed - they're the same whether you use the theme builder or not - and thus don't use the contents div, so by simply removing the relative positioning specifier on the main div all the edit features are fixed again.

Only problem is that the same editor is used for comments, and is in the contents div pretty much of necessity.  If you check the colour pickers in my comments right now, they're way off to the right - and the positioning error depends on the width of the browser window!


Alright, I can fix this.  But if you resize your browser window while you are commenting, you're on your own.

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Thursday, September 06


Applet Bug

Blog fall down. sad

Update: Bug fixed; applets are go.  1.1 here we come!

Just need to add a CSS class so that you can control applet styling, and add a couple more examples, which I'll do this evening, and then I can roll out the whole thing. smile

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