Friday, August 27


My Name Is Pixy, And I Have A Problem

I have a points system running on the MuNu forum, whereby people can earn points for posting (or getting comments to their posts), spend points to play games, and win points by getting high scores on games.

The points are named pengos, after the Hungarian currency up to 1946, which during the 40's suffered the worst inflation in history:

In 1941, the Pengoe was valued at 3.46 to the U.S. Dollar. Both during and shortly after World War II, however, the government printed billions of Pengo to offset the tragic results of war on the Hungarian economy. By March 3, 1946, 1 U.S. Dollar was equivalent to 10.3 million Pengoe. In the same year, a new currency unit was issued, Known as the Mil-pengo, which was equivalent to 1,000,000 pengoes. Soon after, the Bil-pengo denomination arrived. What you see here is a note valued at 10,000,000,000,000,000 Pengoe! On the last day of July, the rampant inflation ended with the issuance of the forint, an entirely new unit valued at a rate of one per four hundred million quadrillion pengoes.

Studium Magazine

I have added a small tweak, which transfers pengos spent in the games arcade into my account. Having done that, I'm now curious as to how many pengos are being issued by the system, and how they are being spent. In fact, I want to develop a proper double-entry book-keeping system to keep track of pengos.

It's an occupational hazard, I guess.

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Sunday, August 15


Squirrels? Would That Be Metric Or Imperial?

The great thing about SQL is that it's so well standardised, so that it's trivial to transfer data from one SQL database to another, or to move an application to a different SQL platform.

(Bangs head on desk.)

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Thursday, August 12


Happy Fun Hardware

Okay, at 1:30 AM my ADSL dropped out and wouldn't come back. Not the end of the world, it was almost time for bed anyway.

At 4:18 AM /dev/hde in Yuri, my Linux box, had an unrecoverable error. Fortunately, I'm running RAID-0. Because if I'd been running RAID-5, I might have lost everything.

You see, if Linux detects an error on a software RAID-0 volume, it will forcibly unmount the volume and then attempt to remount it read-only. If it sees an error on a software RAID-5 volume, it will remove that device from the raidset... Even if it has already failed a disk out. In which case it will reduce your anime collection precious data to Purina Computer Chow.

So I now have a 1TB read-only disk. I can reboot, and it will almost certainly come back okay. Almost certainly. And anyway, it's mostly backed up. On 231 DVD-Rs.

Might as well get started backing up the rest.

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Wednesday, August 04


Need Bandwidth...

165 episodes of MST3K available online... Need bandwidth. More bandwidth!

Currently downloading season zero (yes, zero) which is 13 gig. After that I'll get season one, which is another 9 gig. If you are familiar with BitTorrent, you can find torrents for these seasons at Scroll down to ◊ Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (yes, they have a lot of different shows, don't they?) and click. Then go and do something else for a couple of days (or if you're in Australia, a couple of weeks). Then sit back and watch 30 episodes of MST3K goodness!

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