This wouldn't have happened with Gainsborough or one of those proper painters.

Sunday, February 20


Curiously Enough

While cleaning out the computer room at the old office, I kept finding ten volt, thirty amp power supplies. I have no idea why we'd even have one ten volt, thirty amp power supply, let alone a whole collection of them. Certainly none seemed to be attached to anything.

I put them aside for later. It's not every day you trip over a box full of ten volt, thirty amp power supplies.

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Saturday, February 12


As The Serial Bus Turns

Apparently, it's not supposed to take fifteen hours to format an iPod. It should take maybe two minutes. If it does take fifteen hours, try the following:

1. Your iPod display will be showing a blinking "Do Not Disconnect We Really Mean It" message. Ignore it, it's gone insane. Unplug that sucker.

2. Remember how you plugged it into the USB port because the Firewire port was acting up? Well, the reason the Firewire port was acting up was that the cable that runs from the little USB/Firewire panel to the motherboard has come loose. Plug it in properly. And for good measure, reinstall that video capture card you removed before Christmas. And see if you can get rid of some of the dust bunnies that are multiplying down there.

3. All done?

4. Good.

5. Plug the iPod into the Firewire port. The computer will recognise the iPod, but it will not work, because you do not have the drivers installed.

6. Put the CD back in the drive, and install the drivers. This will prompt you to format your iPod. This time it will actually work.

7. After this, the installation program will die because you already have iTunes installed. Ignore it; this doesn't matter.

8. Reboot.

9. Waiting for the computer to come back... Waaaaiting....

10. Right, it's back. Now fire up iTunes. Click on the Synchronise iPod option or whatever it is. Realise that you're already late for work and you're trying to dump 4500 songs on your iPod. It's fast, but it's not that fast.

11. Leave iPod sitting on your desk at home, and head off to work, where you will spend your entire day moving computers from one end of the office to the other.

12. Your iPod is now ready. Enjoy.

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