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Sunday, June 30


Daily News Stuff 30 June 2019

Last Day Of The First Half Of The Current Year Falls On A Sunday Edition

Tech News

  • AMD's Navi is out on the 7th of July.  Nvidia's RTX Super range will launch on the 9th.  (Tech Report)

    Not a huge upgrade, but probably enough to compete with Navi - albeit at a higher price.

  • The US has partly unbanned Huawei, effective...  At some point.  (Thurrott.com)  

    Huawei will be able to buy components and software from US suppliers, and to sell consumer products, but US carriers will not be allowed to use Huawei 5G equipment in their networks.

    This actually seems reasonable.

  • Prominent YouTuber defends Google against banned YouTube exposé of search and recommendation censorship.  (One Angry Gamer)

    Using false information.

    It's all rather a mess.

  • But you can use a Raspberry Pi to block Google from your network.

    Also Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft, but currently there's not a pre-built filter list for Amazon.

  • If the page says "Google Sing in" maybe thing twoce about antering your pissword.  (Bleeping Computer)

  • The ASRock X570 Taichi officially supports up to 128GB of RAM, including ECC.

    16 cores and 128GB of ECC RAM on a consumer motherboard - admittedly a high-end consumer motherboard.

  • A preview of MSI's X570 boards provides details of the X570 chipset itself.  (AnandTech)

    Looks like an AMD slide but I haven't found a clean copy yet.  Update: Thanks Reddit!

    8 USB 10 ports (a.k.a USB 3.2 Gen 2), 4 SATA ports, and 8 PCIe 4.0 lanes are the core.

    In addition there are two sub modules that can each deliver either 4 more PCIe 4.0 lanes (in various configurations) or 4 more SATA ports.

    Which means you can get two NVMe ports and up to 12 SATA ports straight from the chipset. 

    And this is the same chip as found on the CPU, so in theory you could get 8 USB 10 ports and 12 SATA ports there as well.  If the AM4 package had the pins for that, which it doesn't.  You do get 4 USB 10 ports, so 12 total for an X570 motherboard, with no pin conflicts.

    I wonder if it still has 10Gb Ethernet built in, like first-generation Ryzen.  That doesn't seem to have gained much market adoption but they might need to retain it for the embedded market.



    (Click for full-size versions.)

Picture of the Day


Makeup and coloured contacts can do amazing things.

@Sixtutu622 posted by @CosplayHeaven

Disclaimer: Did you accidentally buy a leopard?

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Saturday, June 29


Daily News Stuff 29 June 2019

That Will Buff Right Out Edition

Tech News

Anime Music Video of the Day

Disclaimer: I think we're gonna need a bigger buffer.

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Friday, June 28


Daily News Stuff 28 June 2019

MBAs For Armadillos Edition

Tech News

  • In the latest reminder that the senior management of all the major social networks have the introspective capacity of a Texas armadillo after it has had an unsatisfying encounter with an 18-wheeler, Twitter plans to annotate tweets by major political figures that violate their terms of service, but leave the tweets up.

    If Twitter were a company run by functional adults, this might be a reasonable compromise.  Since it's actually a day-release program for neurally impoverished muskrats, the chance that this is going to turn out well for Twitter is somewhat less than the chance that you will win every lottery in the world, tomorrow, including those that have already been drawn and awarded to other people.

  • Jony Ive has left Apple to go fuck up some other company.  (Apple)

    That is to say...  No, I'll stick with that.

  • With impeccable timing rarely seen since the John Sculley years, Apple has moved production of the new Mac Pro to China.  (CNBC)

    I mean, sure, why not?

  • Google are locking down the Gmail API and will likely kill some apps in the process.  (Ars Technica)

    While a pain, this is, unusually for Google, unambiguously the correct thing to do.

  • However, Gmail's confidential mode isn't.  (Forbes)

    Confidential, I mean.

    Well, no.  It's email.  That's not how it works.  That's not how any of this works.

  • This is the web that was.  (The Old Net)

    Pick a year and a website and keep your epilepsy meds handy.

  • NPM 6.9.1 is broken due to .git folder in published tarball

    Most of those words are redundant.

  • Finally, some decent Twitter content.

Anime Music Video of the Day

I mean, technically, yes, I know, but artistic license.

If you're going to quibble you won't get any bacon pancakes.

Picture of the Day


Disclaimer: Daily News Stuff is a work of fiction and any resemblence to actual events or people or indeed proper grammar is entirely coincidental.

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Thursday, June 27


Daily News Stuff 27 June 2019

Paging Eric Blair Edition

Tech News

  • Well, so much for the New Internet then.  (Medium)

    I've actually built Ethereum apps.  It.  Does.  Not.  Scale.  Anyone talking it up as "the backbone of the new internet" is either on drugs or trying to sell you some.
    The solution is obvious — these applications will need to be split up across multiple blockchains.
    Well, that solves one of the problems of using Ethereum.  It also solves the benefits of using Ethereum.

    Oh, and the tools the article praises are complete garbage.  I've used them.  I'd rather program COBOL using punched cards.

  • YouTube responsible for the destruction of countless BS meters worldwide.

  • VESA announced the DisplayPort 2.0 standard which delivers three times the bandwidth of DisplayPort 1.4 over cables made of powdered moonbeams.  (AnandTech)

    Over real cables it has about 50% more bandwidth than 1.4.

    As for the resolutions it supports, and refresh rates, and the number of displays, well, it depends.  Up to 16k, at least 3 screens, and 144Hz, but you only get to pick one of those, and the higher numbers require display stream compression (DSC).

  • Taking a leaf from Twitter's moderation team, Microsoft is telling users they can't upgrade to Windows 10 - but not why.  (ZDNet)

    At least they don't have to pass a captcha and verify their phone number every couple of days.  That was not a suggestion, Microsoft.

  • It doesn't help to be on multiple platforms if their CEOs all play golf on Sunday.

    The video has apparently been taken down from every service except Bitchute.

    I'm not sure if it's golf, exactly, but they're sure playing something

  • Twitter is garbage.

Videos of the Day

George Orwell, call your office.

On the positive side, it doesn't look like Google will survive much longer.

Disclaimer: No energy was created or destroyed in the filming of this post.

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Wednesday, June 26


Daily News Stuff 26 June 2019

Everyone I Don't Like Is A Nazi Edition

Tech News

  • Google has joined the People's Front for Punching Nazis where by "Nazi" they mean, apparently, conservative Jewish podcasters and Canadian academic psychologists.  (One Angry Gamer)

    This seems like a rather broader definition of "Nazi" than the one I am used to.

    Google hastened to explain that they didn't mean that Ben Shapiro was a Nazi, just that he was "Nazi-adjacent-adjacent", like Portugal in WWII.

  • There's a vulnerability in AMD's secure virtualiz- oh it's fixed already.  (AnandTech)

    They screwed up the elliptic curve parameters and ended up with a balloon animal instead of an encryption scheme.

  • Mike you idiot.  (TechDirt)

    Apparently there is no intellectual property in the fashion industry.  Now, the tweet and the movie Mike was attacking were indeed stupid and invited harsh criticism, but for Dog's sake get your facts straight for once.

  • AMD's Ryzen 5 3600 breaks cover as a Spanish site bobbles the embargo and it looks pretty good for the most part.  (Tech Powerup)

    For example, it beats the much more expensive 8 core i7-9700K in Cinebench.  Multithreaded.

    One oddity is slow write performance to RAM.  Read and copy are normal - only limited by the RAM itself, and within a couple of percent of the i9-9900K - so this might be an error in the benchmarking tool, or it might be something that needs a BIOS patch.

  • Do not write your own libc.

    I mean, seriously.

  • SK Hynix has entered production on its 128-layer 4D NAND flash the fourth dimension being, of course, marketing.  (Tech Powerup)

  • Worried that bullshit codes of conduct would stifle honest discussion between software developers?

    Turns out that developers will be developers regardless of the bullshit codes of conduct with which they are expect to comply.  (ZDNet)

  • GitLab 12 is out.

    It has a pancake-sorting algorithm.  No, wait, that was a different article.

  • That guy who got his entire life stolen via a bogus SIM swap got most of it back.  (ZDNet)

    No surprise: His bank was the most responsive and responsible, preventing a transfer of $25,000 from ever leaving his account.

    No surprise: Twitter was the worst; without a direct contact inside the company he would have been unable to recover his account, and anyway, his entire history is gone.

    He offers some useful - if inconvenient - tips to prevent this happening to you.

  • They're back!

    Since both games are headed for PC I give it about 30 seconds before someone patches the character model.

  • Where's Waldo Mike?

Anime Ending of the Day

I watched the Sword Oratoria spinoff, and it was okay, then I rewatched a couple of episodes of DanMachi itself, and it's so much better.  Animation and story and everything.

What the Heck Video of the Day

Often I don't like anime themes so much when I hear the full three minutes, but this one is nearly five minutes and I love every second.

Disclaimer: Bunch of hecking feppers.

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Tuesday, June 25


Daily News Stuff 25 June 2019

Oops We BGP'd It Again Edition

Tech News

Picture of the Day


Get your kiwi sparkling clean at the Kiwimat!

Update: It's not just some cool drawings of two kids and their kiwi, it's a cool webcomic of two kids and their kiwi.

Disclaimer: We believe our earlier disclaimer stands on its own merit and have no further comment at this time.

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Monday, June 24


Daily News Stuff 24 June 2019

Pi Day In June Edition

Tech News

  • Raspberry Pi 4 is out.  (RaspberryPi.org)

    The CPU has been bumped up to a 1.5GHz quad-core A72, which is not slow.  My Mediapad is a quad A72 at (I think) 2.2GHz, and it zooms through stuff.  It should be at least twice as fast as the current Pi 3B+ which has a quad-core 1.4GHz A53.

    The Pi 4 also has up to 4GB RAM, WiFi 5, Bluetooth 5, full gigabit Ethernet, two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, and two (micro) HDMI ports.  It can run two 4K monitors at 30Hz, or one a 60Hz and a second screen at 1080p.

    $35 with 1GB, $45 with 2GB, $55 with 4GB.

  • If WiFi isn't doing it for you anymore why not try LiFi.  (The Verge)

    Since it uses visible light, its ability to pass through solid objects is limited, and by limited I mean zero.  Unless they're made of glass.  On the other hand, since it uses visible light there's no RF interference, because it's not RF.

  • Knitting community Ravelry has gone full Oberlin, banning anyone supporting the President of the United States.  (One Angry Gamer)

    Apparently RPG.net did the same thing last year.

    Never go full Oberlin.

Anime Music Video of the Day

I posted this three months ago, but just realised this is the same person who created the Non Non Biyori AMV from Friday.  It's not always about fancy visual effects; sometimes it's just pairing up the song and the video and letting it flow.  Well, and dozens and dozens of beat-perfect cuts.

Disclaimer: As some day it may happen that a victim must be found
I've got a little list — I've got a little list
Of society offenders who might well be underground,
And who never would be missed — who never would be missed!

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Sunday, June 23


Daily News Stuff 23 June 2019

Damn It I Have To Leave The House Edition

Tech News

  • There is no cloud, there's just someone else's computer.  Possibly yours if you're running Wordpress.  (ZDNet)

    A commercial proxy service turns out to consist entirely of hacked Wordpress sites.  Thousands of them.

  •  How AMD's Rome pricing compares with Intel at every level.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Intel is most competitive at the 24-core point, where their cheapest processor costs only 80% more than AMD's most expensive part.  Intel's cheapest 24-core server CPU will save you nearly 5% over AMD's cheapest 48-core CPU.


  • Reddit's new design is now the default.  On my monitor, browsing /r/programming I could previously see 14 headlines and an ad on one page.  Now it's 4 headlines and an ad.

    This is not an improvement.

  • TSMC has shown off a chiplet-based ARM server CPU.  (WikiChip)

    This is just a tech demo so far - the chiplets are tiny, each containing four A72 cores and the interconnect hardware.  On the other hand, they can hit 4.2GHz, which is pretty fast for an Arm core.

  • How to get 32-bit games running on Ubuntu 19.10.

    Step 1: Use a different distro.

  • Three products Apple needs to make but doesn't.  (MacWorld)

    A monitor, a router, and an external disk drive, basically.

  • Coming soon from Toho Studios: Rogue Slug.  (BBC News)

    Followed by Godzilla vs. Rogue Slug and Rogue Slug One: A Train Wars Story.

In anime news, Danmachi season two starts July 13.  I had forgotten that it has a spin-off series, Sword Oratoria, or to give it its full title, Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Gaiden: Sword Oratoria.

Turns out it's not so much a spinoff as an alternate camera angle.  It follows exactly the same events, just from the perspective of Aiz (mostly) rather than Bell.  It's not bad, but it's not anything new either.

Update: Left the house.  The big ceiling was leaking again.  Nonetheless managed to exchange tokens of value for some fabric coverings for my lower extremities and a burned dead fowl still warm from the flames.

Picture of the Day


Anime Preview of the Day

Was browsing through the upcoming season.  Apart from Danmachi 2 it seems a bit sparse and we'll have to wait for the hidden gems, but Kanata no Astra looks like it might be worth a watch.

It looks like the following season will be the big one for this year, with My Hero Academia 4 confirmed and Non Non Biyori 3 and Dragon Maid 2 assumed since they've been announced as 2019 releases.

Disclaimer: Do not taunt happy rogue slug.

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Saturday, June 22


Daily News Stuff 22 June 2019

Why Did I Work So Hard At The Sports Festival Edition

Tech News

  • Moderating social networks is an awful job because people are awful.  (TechDirt)

    The situation is not improved by the fact that all the major social networks are run by idiot children.

  • AMD's Epyc Rome lineup looks to have leaked.  (WCCFTech)

    Starting at around $500 for an 8 core part (single or dual socket) and ranging up to $5000 for a single-socket 64 core and $7700 for a dual-socket 64 core part.

    I still want to see more AM4 servers though.

  • That bug in Chrome's site suggestions has reportedly been fixed in the latest update.  (Bleeping Computer)

  • Ubuntu is dropping 32-bit support as of 19.10.  (Ubuntu)

    Not only will there no longer be 32-bit builds of the operating system, the 64-bit builds won't have any 32-bit libraries.  While the kernel still retains the ability to run 32-bit apps, you will have to bundle all dependencies with your app.  And you'll also need to work out how to build it in the first place without any 32-bit support in your development environment.

Disclaimer: I suppose you think nothing much is happening as the moment.

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Friday, June 21


Daily News Stuff 21 June 2019

Cough Bullshit Cough Edition

Tech News

  • Google CEO Sundar Pichai admits that they can't moderate YouTube perfectly so they plan to keep fucking everything up as they have been so far.  (TechDirt)

    With 100 new videos uploaded every second, and the sum functional IQ of YouTube's executive suite in the single digits, this is not a problem likely to be resolved any time soon.

  • Google Chrome seems to want to screw up your URL suggestions.  If it prompts you with something dumb, hit Shift-Delete to make it forget it.

  • Smartphones are not making children grown horns you fucking morons.  (TechDirt)

    I've seen this garbage repeated credulously in multiple newspapers, because journalists are imbeciles.

  • Speak the actual literal truth and Twitter will ban you.  (TechDirt)

    Tim Pool pointed this out when he was on Joe Rogan with Twitter's vapid mosquito-fodder figurehead Jack Dorsey and their multifunction legal, policy, trust and safety robot Vijaya Gadde.  That was when they came up with their new corporate slogan "Thank you for your input.  Your account is now permanently suspended."

  • I think the problem with this MacBook Pro extends beyond user error.  (Reddit)

    The part where Apple won't touch it until it's spent 24 hours in a fireproof safe is a clue.

  • Windows 10 might soon let you name virtual desktops like CDE did in 1994.  (Bleeping Computer)

  • Google will stop making tablets after spending six years desperately avoiding a repeat of their early success.  (ZDNet)

Anime Music Video of the Day

Disclaimer: If at first you succeed, make sure you never repeat the simple and obvious formula that gave you that success.  I mean, you might succeed again and then where would you be?

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