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He's coming.
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Friday, September 04


Sometime Simpler Is Better

Two virtual machines, each with 3 cores and 4GB RAM, running CentOS 7. 
[Edit: Wait, Kururu is on CentOS 6.  Well, near enough.]

Kururu is running under OpenVZ:


While Rere is running on KVM:


Also, Kururu didn't have 3 cores and 4GB of RAM.  It had 1 core, and 1GB.  I changed it to take this screenshot - but check the uptime.

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Good News, Irritating News, Great News

A few days ago I signed up with Wable, a new VPS service run by the company that hosts most of the mee.nu servers.  They were having a lifetime half-price sale on their entry-level package, just $8 per month for 2GB of RAM and 50GB of disk, which you could then split across 1-3 separate VPSes as needed.

Today I saw a special offer that went a step further and gave you a bonus 4GB of RAM, 30GB of SSD, and 2 VPSes if you signed up right away.

Dammit.  Nothing spoils a good deal faster than a better deal you can't have.

I clicked on the promo code anyway...  And it added the bonus to my existing account.


Underlying hardware is the Intel E5-2643 v3, one of the fastest server CPUs available for single-threaded workloads.  As long as your hardware node doesn't get overloaded, that should really fly.  Crazy good performance for the price.

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Wednesday, September 02


It's A Machine That Goes Ding

How to build a perfect website.

  • Use PHP or Node.JS.
  • Use a heavyweight Javascript client framework unless you know precisely why you need it.
  • Use templates that mix code and layout.
  • Ignore common edge cases. If your site looks lousy on an iPad, you have a problem.
And yes, we don't currently score very well on this list. Knowing what to do doesn't automatically grant the time in which to do it. neutral

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