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Daily News Stuff 24 December 2020

Waiting On The Help Line Edition

Tech News


  • On May 1 the Ryzen 3700X was still the new hotness, the sale of .Org was called off, don't use the browser that comes with your phone, server monitoring dashboards sucked - and we didn't know the half of it, and Mail-in=a-Box was.

  • On May 2 Intel was up to its old tricks, Quibi died, and we've all had days like [tweet deleted].

  • On May 3 ASRock's IPMI worked, California passed a well-intended law that made things worse, and there was no documentation for LXD networking. (I since figured it out, more or less.)

  • On May 4 YouTube banned David Icke for spreading the wrong type of conspiracy theory, and how to get your problems solved for free. (Hint: Post the wrong answer on the internet.)

  • On May 5 we set case sensitive = true, B2 gained S3 compatibility, and Julia captured Heisenbugs.

  • On May 6 Elasticsearch was a disaster, Microprose returned, Twitter reloaded, aimed at its feet again, and pulled the trigger, and seven times never edit a running shell script.

  • On May 7 Microsoft released new Surfaces, the EU said that your site has to work without cookies even if it needs cookies to work, and the 1600AF was a 2600.

  • On May 8 Apple, Sonos, and Spotify were battling for the worst developer support crown, USB 4 was DisplayPort, the Ryzen 3300X was really good and good luck getting one, and there would be 600-series chipsets from AMD. (There weren't.)

  • On May 9 LG's Vervet was released, Go was still hipster COBOL, and Google put all its eggs in one basket prior to dropping the basket.

  • On May 10 Meizu released a 17" smartphone - unless they didn't, Intel's DG1 was faster than a PS4 - unless it wasn't, Tesla moved to Texas, and a paladin checked your dovecote for rogue perfume weasels.

  • On May 11 /r/animetitties was safe for work, Swift 5.3 supported Windows though no-one was entirely clear why, and iridescent tempered chocolate.

  • On May 12 birdless Birds, the Ryzen 4700G peeked out from behind cover only to disappear again and never be seen, the 4900U likewise, and the 125W Intel 10900K used 235W. 235 is more than 125.

  • On May 13 we had fun with virtual machines under LXD for versions of fun that involve a surprising number of swear words, if everything requires HTTPS then any sites only supporting HTTP will cease to be, and a question was asked and answered.

  • On May 14 Nvidia announced their Ampere A400, recent laptops are faster than cloud servers - sometimes a lot faster, Wordpress was broken yet again, Amazon's Fire HD 8 did not entirely suck, and Deno was Node.js only using TypeScript and written in Rust, which is like building a skyscraper by gluing blocks of cheese together but only using premium Campania mozzarella.

  • On May 15 TSMC committed to building a 5nm fab in Arizona, Facebook bought Giphy, all the social networks withdrew from France, and this blog sucked at code formatting.

  • On May 16 I tried out SSDNodes and pronounced it good as long as you knew what you were doing, distributed transactions were tricky, and the Mac had been x86 longer than it was previously PowerPC or 68k. Apple set itself to correcting that.

  • On May 17 GIFs were considered harmful, WSL was pronounced weasel, supercomputers were mining cryptocurrencies, and Doom was doomed.

  • On May 18 we learned how to add ZFS on servers after the fact, Universal Basic Internet was a bad idea, Google banned a podcast app for doing exactly what it said, Docker was sometimes less worse than it was the rest of the time, and one of the X-37B space planes took off for orbit.

  • On May 19 QNAP devices got QNAPped, Minecraft sold 2)) MILLION COPIES which is quite a lot, and formatting code was hard (and not just for this blog).

  • On May 20 Intel's Comet Lake arrived, whichever that one was, early samples of Zen 3 showed up, and Windows Terminal hit 1.0.

  • On May 21 Twitter fucked Twitter up yet again, PCIe 4,0 showed up on Intel motherboards - though not on Intel CPUs, the Alienware M17 R3 had everything including a power brick the size of a Volvo, and Terraria got another big update.

  • On May 22 Rocket Lake leaked, whichever that one was, AMD planned the release of what became their XT CPUs, and, um. not much else really.

  • On May 23 we lited fictional inventions by year of publication, some Zigs were moved, and the Dynabook Portege X30L-G weighed 870 grams. Also, Castle was Scooby Doo.

  • On May 24 we had pizza arbitrage and safe spaces.

  • On May 25 Elasticsearch did what it's best at - leaking private data, quantum computing was proved both possible and impossible, and GitLab got social engineered.

  • On May 26 Ryzen 3000XT arrived, every iPhone got jailbroken, and Gigabit NBN arrived, except that it already existed and no-one can get it.

  • On May 27 DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES UNINSTALL THE LAUNCHER, a guide to the Lakes District, Twitter was a garbage site run by garbage people,and MacOS Catalina was a garbage OS designed by idiots.

  • On May 28 Twitter was the problem with Twitter, Python gained two new string functions, and we got eight gigabytes of Pi.

  • On May 29 Twitter hated roof Koreans, nobody knew anything, everything got hacked, and YouTube was run by morons.

  • On May 30 Hivelocity declared war on catgirls, TechDirt was garbage, and critics were angry with Facebook for not censoring more people.

  • And on May 31 all of D&D - all of it, Cities Skylines, the MSI Modern 14, SpaceX and NASA launched an apatosaurus into orbit, website port-scan you, and social networks should just die already.

Disclaimer: Best place for it.  Orbit, I mean.

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1 KitGuru link should be this: Asus PN50.


Posted by: J Greely at Friday, December 25 2020 05:10 AM (ZlYZd)

2 Thanks, fixed!

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, December 25 2020 01:22 PM (PiXy!)

3 S2 of Yuru Camp begins in exactly two weeks from Christmas Eve.
Yuki Aoi is also the voice for Shuten-Douji in Fate Grand Order.  Yuki Aoi is also the character design for Shuten-Douji.  Slap a pair of horns on Yuki's forehead and... well.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Friday, December 25 2020 01:32 PM (Bkp4m)

4 Talented young lady.  And Winter 2021 is looking to be the best season of anime in quite a while.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, December 25 2020 08:19 PM (PiXy!)

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