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Daily News Stuff 1 May 2020

3.2TB Of What Exactly Edition

Tech News

  • So at my day job we're now basically our own cloud platform.  Saves us about 85% in costs, except for bandwidth, where it saves us about 98%.  Bandwidth charges at AWS, Google, and IBM are absurd.

    Except for IBM's global private network, which is free.  I have to admit, that is brilliant if you have servers on multiple continents.

  • Intel has some new chips out.  (AnandTech)

    Yes, it's the 10th generation Comet Lake S range - or as the article points out, it's the 5th generation of Skylake, because the architecture hasn't changed for years.

    Although it's a boring launch - partly because all the leaks were 100% accurate, and partly because the fastest CPU in the lineup already loses to AMD's second fastest mainstream processor - there are at least a lot of product codes, ranging from the $42 35W dual core Celeron G5900T to the $488 125W (yeah, right) 10 core i9-10900K.

    Comparing Intel with Intel, that 10 core part represents about a 70% price cut over the past three years.  But at my day job we're ordering nothing but AMD servers now, and that trend is just going to grow.

  • A company has patented a general approach for banning social media posts that "spread misinformation".  (TechDirt)

    Which is great because now they can sue Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube into the ground.

    And the EU as well.

    Which is - wonder of wonders - actually standing up to China over the latter's propaganda efforts.

  • .Org is off.  (ICANN)

    The planned sale of the .org domain for $1.1 billion has been killed after attracting the attention of everyone from ICANN board members to state Attorneys General.

  • Is Xiaomi the new Huawei?  (Forbes)

    Well, for a start, don't use the Xiaomi browser.  How much this affects the phone itself with a non-spyware browser isn't clear.

  • Is there a server monitoring dashboard out there that doesn't look like a dog park after an outbreak of canine dysentery?

    Thinking of rolling my own using the SmartAdmin template.  It's not open source, but on the other hand it doesn't look like doggy diarrhea.  I already wrote the monitoring agent - that was my test project when learning Crystal.  The collector can be a simple Python + MySQL app.

  • Font Awesome's Duotone icons are pretty cute.  (FontAwesome)

    These came out last year so I'm a bit behind.  I was an early bird backer of their Kickstarter so I have not one but two perpetual Font Awesome Pro licenses.  So you can expect to see these icons show up here at some point.

  • Never let a good crisis go to waste.  (Substack)

    And if you can't find a crisis, you can always create one.  Matt Taibbi weighs in against the neo-fascists over at The Atlantic.

  • Mail in a Box is mail in a box.  (Mail in a Box)

    Basically it's a one-click mail server suitable for deploying on a $5 server at Digital Ocean, Vultr, or Amazon Lightsail.

    It's not very configurable, but if you've looked inside the workings of something like Modoboa, that is a good thing.  Email servers these days are a complete fucking nightmare.  Every idea that everyone has had about email for the past fifty years is still in there, and the config files are infinitely recursive.

  • Six lessons learned from a dead iMac.  (Tidbits)

    1. Target device mode is brilliant - you can boot one device off the disk drive in another over Thunderbolt.

    2 through 6. If it was a PC you could just pop it open and swap the drive without going through all this agony.  If swapping the disk drive in your computer makes the screen fall off - and you're thinking of buying another one just the same - then you have a problem.

  • New server has been ordered.  Ryzen 3700X, 64GB ECC RAM, 3.2TB Samsung NVMe SSD, 100TB bandwidth, $129 per month.  Will be running Ubuntu 20.04 unless I hit a problem during installation in which case I'll fall back to 18.04.

Disclaimer: No.

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