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Daily News Stuff 28 May 2020

The Trouble With Twitter Edition

Tech News

  • The problem is Twitter.  (TechDirt)

    TechDirt is drunk again, arguing that this is somehow complicated.
    The basic problem is that there is no easy answer for what to do with Trump's tweets, also for many reasons. One fundamental reason is that content moderation is essentially an impossible task.
    There is an easy answer, though.  The easiest answer.  Leave them the fuck alone.  Stop thinking that everything is a problem and that you are required to solve every problem.

  • Reuters is reporting on a supposed draft of the executive order behind all this fuss. 

    Do they actually provide the executive order they claim to have?

    They do not.

  • Python in 917 easy steps.  (GitHub)

    A sufficiently determined programmer can turn anything into Node.js.

  • Python 3.9 is in beta.  (LWN)

    It has two new string functions.

    And dict unions.

  • Intel vs. AMD on the Linux desktop.  (Phoronix)

    On 380 benchmarks - a mix of single and multi-threaded workloads - the 10900K edged out the 3900X but was in turn beaten by the 3950X.

  • There's an 8GB Pi available now.  (Tom's Hardware)
    $75, compared to $35 for 2GB and $55 for 4GB.  The default OS is still 32-bit so an individual user process can only address 3GB of RAM, but that's likely fine for anything you would run on a Pi, and there is now a 64-bit option as well.

Disclaimer: Sometimes the hardest thing to do is leave it the fuck alone.

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