Friday, August 03



I just got suspended on Twitter for a week for comparing Brian Stelter unfavourably to a dead goldfish.   

It seems that Twitter are saying worse things about Brian there than I ever did.

Also, side note, the Facebook user interface in a mobile browser is astonishingly awful.  MySpace cubed.

Also, another side note: If you log in to Twitter while you're suspended and accidentally click like, it appears they extend your suspension by five hours.

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1 Just had to use the word "retarded", didn't ya?

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, August 03 2018 04:46 AM (ITnFO)

2 Newsflash: Pixy unfairly slanders innocent goldfish!

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, August 03 2018 10:13 AM (PiXy!)

3 You could just say "stupid" and see if it skirts the edges of what I will loosely call "rules" of the banhammer.

Posted by: Rick C at Saturday, August 04 2018 07:18 AM (ITnFO)

4 Yeah, the R-Word is automatically detected, it seems.

Posted by: Mauser at Saturday, August 04 2018 10:08 AM (Ix1l6)

5 I've had about 70 "lite" suspensions (where you get shadow banned but can still post) for using words like "idiot" or "stupid".  The two times I've been suspended for real were both for using "retarded".

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sunday, August 05 2018 03:21 PM (PiXy!)

6 Have you considered Unicode substitution? Perhaps they won't recognize one of these: rеtɑrⅾеԁ rеtɑrԁᥱⅾ rеtɑrԁеⅾ rеtаrⅾᥱԁ rеtаrⅾᥱⅾ rеtɑrⅾеⅾ rᥱtаrԁеⅾ rᥱtɑrⅾᥱԁ rᥱtаrԁᥱⅾ rеtаrԁеⅾ rеtɑrⅾᥱԁ rеtаrԁᥱԁ rᥱtɑrԁеⅾ rᥱtаrⅾᥱԁ rᥱtɑrⅾеԁ rᥱtаrⅾеⅾ rᥱtɑrԁеԁ rᥱtɑrⅾеⅾ rеtаrⅾеԁ rеtɑrԁᥱԁ rᥱtаrⅾᥱⅾ rеtаrⅾеⅾ rеtаrԁеԁ rᥱtɑrԁᥱԁ rᥱtɑrԁᥱⅾ rᥱtаrⅾеԁ rᥱtаrԁеԁ rᥱtɑrⅾᥱⅾ rеtɑrԁеԁ rᥱtаrԁᥱԁ rеtɑrⅾᥱⅾ rеtаrԁᥱⅾ


Posted by: J Greely at Monday, August 06 2018 06:01 AM (tgyIO)

7 That seems like cheating.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, August 06 2018 10:17 AM (PiXy!)

8 Naw, think of it as evolution[1] in action.
[1] of their filters.

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, August 06 2018 10:55 AM (ITnFO)

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