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Daily News Stuff 31 February 2023

Shift Sixteen Terabytes And What Do You Get Edition

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  • The 7950X3D is not four times faster than the regular 7950X when using the integrated graphics.  (Tom's Hardware)

    The original story from PC Magazine has been updated to reflect the fact that the figures for the 7950X were originally taken with an outdated driver that gave radically lower than normal performance.

    The updated tests now show that the integrated graphics performance of AMD and Intel's desktop chips is basically identical.  AMD provides one sixth the performance of last year's laptop chips, where Intel provides one third the performance of this year's laptop chips, but AMD's laptop chips from last year had twice the graphics performance of Intel's chips from this year, so for example the racing game F1 22 gets exactly 33 fps at 1080p, lowest quality, whether you're on a 7950X, 7950X3D, or 13900K.

    Or a 13500, which seems like the best option from Intel's desktop lineup.  Six P cores and eight E cores at 65W.  I'm thinking of getting two 13500 systems rather than one big 7900X or 7950X system

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Disclaimer: Just kidding.  They never asked if it was wrong.

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