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  • Amazon is investing another $2.75 billion into AI company Anthropic, developer of Claude.  (CNBC)

    If you haven't heard of Claude you are not alone, but it is a thing that exists.

  • FTX - what's left of it - is selling off most of its stake in Anthropic to raise funds to pay back customers.  (Yahoo Finance)

    FTX misused customer funds to - among other things - buy a $500 million stake in Anthropic.

    That stake is now worth $1.35 billion, and may be the key to FTX customers getting all their money back.

  • There's a mod for that.

    Untamed Wilds adds 24 new animals to Minecraft, with anything up to 17 species of each animal.  (So it counts "Big Cat" as one animal, but it actually includes lions, mountain lions, jaguars, leopards, snow leopards, and tigers.)

    Only problem is it also includes camels, giant pandas, and polar bears, which are already in Minecraft, and the config file doesn't let you turn off individual species.

    Bad Mobs, though, does.  When you load your modpack it automatically generates a config file of all the creatures existing in your game and lets you turn off any of them.

Disclaimer: It's turquoise all the way down.

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1 this just in from an alternate timeline where Apple is not woke, but is still walled garden authoritarian and also criminal scum. 

"Apple deplores this new law, which will allow airlines to substitute unsafe Chinesium parts instead of using safe parts authorized by the manufacturer.  So called 'right to repair' is going to set aviation safety back to the time of 1943, when many thousands of aircraft passengers were dying every year over Europe."

More seriously, I haven't actually checked the air fatality rates for the 1940s, and do not think the current state of SNAFU in a certain industry will get that bad.  I also have not checked the scope of the law, and do not think it can do anything about aviation part requirements.  And, counterfeit unsafe parts, with forged documentation, are believed to be a real concern in aviation and some other related industries. 

Posted by: PatBuckman at Friday, March 29 2024 01:13 AM (rcPLc)

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Apple pies are delicious. But never mind apple pies. What colour is a green orange?

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