Friday, December 27


uWSGI Returns

Was having a lot of trouble getting uWSGI to install for PyPy 3 - which is what the whole of the new system is using.

After working my way through this GitHub issue I have it all working (at least it appears so thus far).  But it's rather annoying in that Python 2 is going away in a couple of months and the maintainers of uWSGI don't seem to care enough to copy a known solution into their codebase.

I fussed around with manually building uWSGI, but it turns out you don't need to do that.  Just install PyPy 2 alongside your PyPy 3 and use pip install uwsgi.  That will give you uWSGI built with the PyPy plugin, which works with either version.

You then need to use --pypy-home to point to your PyPy 3 directory and --pypy-lib to point to your PyPy .so file.

It still won't actually work, though, because the setup script is written in Python 2.  So grab this alternate setup script and specify it with --pypy-setup.

And now it works.

There's a thread with all the details on GitHub.

It's a bit disappointing that a complete solution exists but hasn't been pulled into the codebase, but at least a complete solution exists.

Also, having done all that, it's slower than with PyPy 2.  About 1.6ms for a proxy request vs. 1.2ms under PyPy 2.

Also also, the startup command is now full of nonsense:

/opt/pypy2/bin/uwsgi --pypy-lib /opt/pypy3/bin/ --pypy-home /opt/pypy3 --pypy-setup tools/ --master --http-socket --threads 100 --pypy-wsgi-file

But we can fix that.  Link the uwsgi binary into /usr/local/bin, create an ini file:

    http-socket =
    stats =
    master = true
    processes = 1
    threads = 100
    pypy-home = /opt/pypy3
    pypy-lib = /opt/pypy3/bin/
    pypy-setup = tools/
    pypy-wsgi-file =

And now it's just uwsgi proxyf.ini

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